12 hours left~

There is only 12 hours till I leave for Ireland and then Spain. Crazy right? Here’s a few things….packing even a little the night before you leave is still stressful(packing in general was my worst nightmare but I finally did it), IM FREAKING OUT, and now I can’t sleep. These are the joys of leaving the country for 9 months. I couldn’t be more ecstatic don’t get me wrong but I’m still nervous of course. This is a big step and it will be one that I will cherish for a lifetime and once I’m there and living it up I’m sure I’ll forget all about this nerve-racking mess and enjoy the fruits of my labors. The hours before you leave are stressful so to de stress my life I got my nails done oh about 11 hours ago and wait for it…. I’m getting a massage in about 6 hours. Yesssssss! me likey 😉

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