The beginning of this journey

The first thing I learned is when they say pack lightly they really mean it! I had 3 suitcases and they weighed about 120 pounds all together. It was a witch to pull ahhh man when I return Im leaving like everything in Spain and what I have to or want to bring home will fit inside one suitcase that is inside the other.

So after waiting 2 hours for my plane to leave Syracuse because of the earthquake in Washington we had to run to catch our next flight to London(we had to take a different flight because of the delay) then on that plane I got terribly sick throwing up but only for the last hour of the flight. While waiting in London’s Heathrow Airport thats huger then huge I was still feeling sick but getting better and passed out to sleep for a while. Ok now it was time for our flight to Dublin on this amazing plane that was so spacious and comfy I got sick again…thankfully this flight was only 50 minutes and I again passed out to sleep. My throat is still horribly sore and I even went to see an Irish doctor who put me on bed rest for a few days.

So now we are in Ireland and it is beautiful absolutely beautiful! It is also freezing though! I had to buy a sweatshirt!  There’s on thing you should know about me I LOVE COFFEE! I am not a tea drinker buttt, so far I have had like a bagillion cups of tea. (Its a big thing here) I’ve had lots ice cream that is so much creamier and when getting ice cream they ask you if you want a flake… now I am American I’m thinking what the hell is a flake? come to find out its a piece of light airy chocolate. I have also eaten lots of toast. THEY DONT HAVE PEANUT BUTTER! That by far is a total letdown but butter will do. One last thing is that Irish people so far have been soooo nice. And that is good to know!

So thats about it for now I can’t think of anything else.  I should probably listen to the doctor and rest  and do remember I am about 5 hours ahead of y’all back in the states on eastern time! 🙂

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