Alicante say whattt???

Alicante is a beautiful city in the heart of the Mediterranean. It’s hot, windy, on the ocean, and centered around the spanish way of life. Life here is not like in the US, it’s slower and the people here take time to sit and eat together. I absolutely LOVE it here because I feel as if I’m in a dream surrounded by such beauty. My host family is a spanish madre with her madre. My madre’s daughter lives a few blocks away and visit often. It’s nice to have a lot of people in the family to talk spanish to and to help me. It’s also nice that the complex I live in has two pools and a tennis court 🙂 The other students in the program are all nice and down to earth and we all watch out for eachother. This is going to be a fun time here in Alicante I can tell already!

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