Days 1-6

Day 1: My first day here in Alicante I went to breakfast (Cultural Fact #1: Spanish don’t place importance on breakfast and in fact they really eat little in the morning)  and then had to go to the doctor yet again because I wasn’t able to keep my eyes open and was still sick. So the doctor gave me a million different types of meds and I slept the rest of the day away.

Day 2: I went to breakfast and went back to the room to sleep the day away yet again.

Day 3: I wake up feeling 100% better and go to breakfast. I didn’t do much until the Orientation started that night at 7pm. I met the other students and they went over a few things to know. Then they took us to dinner which had so many things I’ve never even seen or heard of before. There was bread of course, a garlic spread to go with it, squid ehh, some pork pieces, and I can’t even remember all I know is I didn’t eat any of it and started thinking I’m going to starve in Spain haha.Desert was like cheesecake and a shot of Baileys though and that was awesome! We go back to the hotel and I go to bed.

Day 4: I get up at 7:45 for breakfast and then go to the 2nd day of Orientation for 9am. We learn about Alicante and Safety and Housing and a vas amount of information. We go out to lunch and again eat the things I don’t eat but this time we had crackers with something like potato salad which was good, then there was squid again and this stuff called Chorizo I think…it’s meat wrapped in a casing with blood and it was ehhh and then there was a beef dish that was ok. Then we had desert again! This time it was ice cream yummmmmy. And then we walked around the city seeing all the important places to know and where to meet for trips and such. We have dinner with Spanish students that CIEE hires to help the American students with Spanish and the city and such. (CIEE is the program I came to Alicante with)

Day 5: Again get at 7:45 for breakfast and begin Orientation at 9am. Go over more things to know and by this time you have a headache from Spanish overload and trying to speak and think in Spanish and your just tired from jet lag and being kept super busy! We go on a tour of the Campus which is so beautiful and big I’m going to get lost. Then we go to lunch with some of the Spanish students and see who is going to live close to us. Today was the day my mom had to leave me! That was super hard because first it was at 4 in the morning and second because most of you know how close me and my mom are! I couldnt go back to sleep and today was the day I have to move in with my family! My Madre is a lady in her sixties with children in their thirties can with children of their own. I have 2 pools and a tennis court and mi madre is super nice and understanding!

Day 6: I get up to go on an adventure with the group to a place called Guadalest and Altea. They are the most beautiful places I have ever seen…there are many many pictures on facebook…. It started to rain but it didn’t even matter its warm and it felt good. (Cultural Fact #2: It almost never rains here in fact there are like over 330 days of sunshine a year here) We went to beach for a little while played some card game that was confusing at firstt but finally got the hang of it. We get home about 7/7:30 and chill for a while. I ate dinner late after talking to my mom on skype for an hour. (Cultural Fact #3: Lunch is at 2pm and dinner is at 930pm and this is totally normal) Come 10:45 we all meet at the Plaza de Luceros (main meeting point) and go the bars in the place called El Barrio there was probably about 25 of us all together drinking since the drinking age is 18. I didn’t drink much since we have to walk like 40 minutes home at the end of night. I had a strawberry margarita and two shots of tequilla with a bunch of other people and it is perfectly noraml to go home at 6am but I got home at 3:30am and I was super tired!

I got up at 11am today and went to go the beach and meet everyone but apparently no one really went so I walked 45 mins to the beach to find me myself haha but thats ok the weather was great, the water was warm and i got in some good exercise. If nothing else by the end of this trip whether it be 4 months or 9 months I’ll be in good shape!

Well thats the huge catch up since I’ve had no time to even think about this blog haha and I’ll post more regularly now that my schedule is set and I can get the internet 🙂

Hasta Luego Amigos en Estados Unitos

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