You wanna come home…you can’t!

One thing that is never emphasized when you go abroad is that you will most definitely get home sick. I’ve been out of the states for 2 and half weeks and I kinda skipped the really excited stage since I was kinda really sick. But now I am in the I’m having fun, learning a lot and I miss home stage. This is very common and in fact my time here will be like a roller coaster (At least that’s what I was told). Don’t get me wrong there is a lot of things to love about living here in Alicante like the weather here the most perfect weather I’ve ever seen or heard of, 330 days of sunshine a year- I can totally live with that, the beach is a 45 min walk or I can hop on the bus for 10 mins and its the warm Mediterranean Sea there for my pleasure, I’m in Europe which mean I can go anywhere I want to and go for pretty cheap, I’m learning more spanish than I’ve ever learned in my life and it’s been a week!, I have a great spanish madre that takes care of me and cooking and laundry, I have everything I need here, and I have a great bunch of new friends. The list could go on and on of what a good life I have here. Now there is stuff that I miss as well like my mom, my cat, my car, my friends, normal food like peanut butter and goldfish and going to shop at walmart haha, I can’t believe I’m going to say this but I kinda miss working haha I like money and I like the people I work with, I miss my big comfy bed and all mu sweat pants (If you love me please send me some haha) and oh yea I miss the English language everywhere (I’m not that good in Spanish to understand the news and signs and bus drivers haha) But if you’re going to be happy abroad you have to vent out what you miss or don’t like because the more you let it build without talking about the more unhappy you become and if you just realize what you have and that it’s only 4 months (or possibly 9 in my case) you’ll have a much better time and appreciate your time while you have it! That’s my lesson for the day or the week! šŸ™‚

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