My Italian adventure

I went to Italia for 11 days! It was some of the best 11 days of my life! Italia is an amazing country with so much to see and do.

I started in Venice the city on water and it is one of my favorite cities in the world because it’s so beautiful and like the disney land of Europe. It is a very romantic and for couples but one cans till enjoy all that this city has to offer by exploring and getting lost…no seriously just get lost and you find so many things. Venice is an island of course but there are also about 4 other islands very close to it such as Murano, Burano, Torcello and Lido. These islands have a lot to see. Murano is the island where they blow glass and you can actually watch a demonstration…which is amazing! And of course you will see Murano glass everywhere in Italia. Burano is the lace making island but the houses are the cool part. They are all bright color such as yellow, green, and blue. Torcello has some ancient ruins and some very nice scarfs which of course we bought 🙂 Lido is where the beach is and remember that in October Venice is COLD! But all these island are very pretty and peaceful unlike the bustle of Venice. We had a great time in Venice except food is really expensive in Venice with because it’s a tourist place or an island I don’t know. And never take free food for granted! We met 2 nice young Australians and 2 Canadians who are backpacking around Europe from 2 to 6 months. And we met a crazy Canadian girl traveling the world in one year on barely any money.. I hope that works out well for her.

We then went to Verona where Juliet lived. Her house is hidden amoung the narrow and winding streets. But it is a place you must visit if in Verona because it is one of the only things to see. We saw Verona in a day and that really was plenty of time for visiting and seeing everything. We saw a mini arena where they have plays and concerts now but in olden times was an arena for gladiators. We got lost again like in every city in Italia. We somehow found a castle and climbed up it and it had the most beautiful views of the city!

After Verona we went to Florence. Florence of course has a lot to see but a few days will be plenty of time to enjoy this beautiful city! Florence is my other favorite city in Italia because it’s just so pretty and it’s like home…a place I could live in. We of course saw the David statue and the Duomo which is one the most decorative churches ever…maybe even more than the Vatican! We took the # 7 bus up to Fiesole which is on top of the mountain surrounding Florence and it had great views of the city and when we went we were immersed in a cloud but it was so serene. Then later that day we went to the Piazza de Michelangelo at sunset and it was probably the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. You must go if you go to Florence! You can see the whole city, there’s an imitation statue of the David and there is music being played and everyone just enjoys the views and the sun setting its just perfect! Our hostel here was like a hotel and was awesome for young travelers such as students studying abroad with tours and trips to Tuscany and a bar and a pool…this place was hopping!

Rome was the final stop in our Italia trip. Rome is a huge city that one could visit for a while. We had 3 days and that was fine for us. We saw the Colosseum, the Trevi fountain, the Pantheon, the Vatican and again got lost in the city. The Vatican was my favorite because it is so big and so pretty and it is its own country how cool is that! And of course I’m catholic and that is the head of the church where the Pope is and where my faith is most in force! It is so beautiful and the Sistine Chapel is amazing the entire room is painted with pictures and so masterfully done. And then to top off our stay in Rome we stay in a hostel under construction and we were part of a huge demonstration in the middle of the city on our last day there. We saw the smoke of the burning cars and heard the water cannons and then got to the fun part where the people had music playing and were just chilling in the streets like a big party. We coincidently ran into the 2 Australians and 2 Canadians again at this hostel…they totally followed us haha

Our Italia trip was obviously so much more than the words I can type or the photos I took but that is all I can offer. Being abroad and going to new places and meeting so many new people really changes your views on things and how you are as a person because experiences play a big part on who you are and who you become!

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