It’s Christmas Time!

It’s almost time to go home and I am so thankful that I have another semester here in Spain. I have so many places I want to go still and I want to improve my spanish even more. Plus who can say they study abroad for a year? Not many people. Plus I like my Spanish life syle and my madre. Life is more relaxed and life is easier in ways.

But now that it’s Christmas time, I’m in the Christmas spirit. And that also means that I’M COMING HOME! Who would have thought this day would come? I thought it would be a lifetime away and here it is only a few days away. I’ve been to many places and done so many things that it’s weird to think of home. I mean I am excited off the wall to go home but will things really be the same? Everyone has also moved on in their lives and I don’t want things to be different but in reality they are different, I’m different.  But I’m no matter what has changed my mom will still be the same and she will of course still love me and be proud of me! I can’t wait to see her and my cat too! Also, I can’t wait to see my friends and coworkers from over the summer! And I definitely can’t wait to see my best friend in the whole world Liasor Dima! He doesn’t read this blog I don’t think but it would make him smile to know that I said that. I am excited to have normal food like tacos and hamburgers and chinese and sushi, shout out to Jimmy my sushi partner and best friend.

I even have presents for everyone! I have gifts from Italy and the Vatican, London, Amsterdam, Paris and Spain of course. But my most creative gifts come from my best friend. And yes I have many best friends. I have this great idea for my  grandpa. My grandpa growing up was like my dad and we have always been close. Unfortunately after I went to college that relationship wasn’t the same. And now that he broke his hip in 3 places this past March he and my grandma are in a nursing home. Anyway the point is I love my grandpa and my mom told me that he talks about me all the time to the nurses. This made realize how much my grandpa loves me and how much I miss him! So I wanted to give him and awesome gift. I decided that since photo center is the best I would do something there. I decided to make him a scrapbook of photos of me traveling around Europe. I decided this because I know my grandpa wanted to travel and he was in the Philippines in WWII. Also my mom told me how proud of me he is. I knew that he would enjoy this present more than anything I could buy him. I sent about 60 photos to be printed and delivered to my house. I also was looking around and found some cool things to make like ornaments and other christmas things. I made a christmas card with photos of me around the world and had them sent to my house! In the past I’ve made a puzzle with a photo of my and my ex and I made a blanket with photos on it for my mom when I went to college. So when I was looking around I found that you can make playing cards with a photo on it. So I decided that I would make that with a picture of my mom and I to give to my grandparents. I thought this was a cool idea. Then I told my madre about it and the things I was making and I told her I had a good idea for my spanish sister. Her husband recently went to Panama for 3 years and I thought that the blanket would be a good idea to give to her husband with photos on it of her and her kids. She was really excited for this because here in Spain they don’t have that sort of thing. And I’m excited to give her that as her present.

So in 2 days I’ll be on a plane back to the United States and arrive in Syracuse at 6:15pm on Tuesday. I can’t wait and I only have one final to take before my semester is over and I have 25 glorious days of no school! My christmas break will be filled with many memories and happy times. Then I get to come back to Spain for 5 months. My best friend Liasor will be in Granada for the semester and my other best friend Jimmy is coming to visit me. Plus I have almost the whole month of April off and my wonderful mother will be bringing me home at the end of the semester after we hopefully travel somewhere in Europe! Ta Ta for now!

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