Paris…a weekend to remember!

So on the night of October 27th I started my journey to Paris. I went with a friend from my program whose name is Jason another girl Lori. Lori had some mishap with her flight to Madrid so she isn’t in the beginning of this story. Our first flight got delayed from 10pm to almost 12am and so we arrived in Madrid at 1am and slept in the airport until our flight at 6am. This was an experience that under no circumstances do I want to repeat. It is the cheap student way to go and it was only like 5 hours anyway. But it was cold and there was no one there but me and Jason and it was so hard to sleep on the airport benches.  None the less it passed by slowly and we eventually got to Paris and decided to walk around the whole day and see the Eiffel Tower which was amazing and one of the coolest things I’ve done in my life. My camera had a few mishaps and deleted some of my pics but it ended up fine.We saw the Arch de Triumph and Notre Dame. So here we are in Paris on almost no sleep in like 35 hours and we decide to buy .70 cent Sangria. Let me tell ya thats not a very good mix and under no circumstances should be repeated. First mistake was having no sleep. Second mistake was drinking the cheapest alcohol on the planet and third mistake was drinking the whole bottle( we each had a bottle) haha needless to say bad things happened like Jason slept in a bathtub and also ended up cutting his forehead open on a desk after jumping from bed to bed. The next day we took it easy and slept in till about 12pm. We went to the Palace of Versailles and it was so beautiful. We ended up getting in for free since we are students in the EU and it was a beautiful thing! The gardens are so extensive and there are statues everywhere. These statues are actually fountains and they had the water going. It was amazing and we spent about 3 hours alone in the gardens. Then inside, while you can’t see all of it, was very impressive. The Hall of Mirrors was really cool and literally is what it sounds like. Overall the Palace of Versailles was the best choice we made for the second day. That night we went to Sacre Coeur, a huge church in Paris by Moulin Rouge. Our hotel was in Moulin Rouge and we saw some on the theaters and such there. We even had dinner at this cool little restaurant down the street from our hotel. I had lamb and potatoes and green beans while Jason and Lori were boring and had pasta. It was the cheapest biggest best meal  of all my trips. And even though I didn’t make it to the Louvre my time in Paris was a trip I won’t forget and most of that is due to the craziness and Jason of course, never a dull moment! After leaving Paris, Jason and I had the unfortunate pleasure of having an 8 hour layover in Bologna Italy where we sat in the airport and literally did nothing.  Paris was a great trip and was on my list of places I had to see in Europe. I don’t know if I’d go back but it definitely is a must see.

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