Sevilla the land of rain

Every trip our group takes it always rains… go figure the place that has 330 days of sunshine we end up with like all 35 days of rain. Sevilla is a very old city and looks very Mediterranean with its very charmy feel. We saw the Palace that has a Muslim influence and is very beautiful. Again the gardens were beautiful, the Europeans and their gardens. It had such pretty colors on the inside. There was some amazing stained glass and fountains. The one big fountain had these huge catfish looking fish.

I found Starbucks everywhere! Thank the Lord! I love my coffee and the Spanish don’t know how to have regular sized coffee I swear it’s all expresso cups where you can drink it all in one sip. Anyway best part and worst part. I had the Peppermint Mocha and it was amazing but then I spilled it everywhere..what do you think I did next??? Any guesses??? That’s right I went and got another one! Come on that was easy. I love my coffee…don’t mess with me when I need coffee.

We also saw the Cathedral which is the 3rd or 4th largest Cathedral in the World. It had the bodies of Christopher Columbus and his son along with a few Kings and royalty. We then climbed to the top of the tower that it has. It has amazing views of the city. I love when you can go to a city and climb up a tower or a hill or mountain or even up to a church and it has the most beautiful views you will ever see in your life. Inside the Cathedral there was a huge golden gated area where they have mass. Also attached to the Cathedral was an area where they have all the documents of the New World and the conquest of Central America. Also a crazy thing about the Cathedral is that there used to be a Mosque literally right next to it or attached to it in history, not sure which but Mosque and Church don’t go together well.

Saw the Plaza de Torros or where the bullfighting takes place and it was along side of a river. It just so happened to be sunset when we were there and the sun setting is so beautiful! We went out that night had some drinks and most people went back early because we had an 8 hour drive back to our home Alicante. We even ate Mexican that night that was sooooo delicious for it being Spain and all. It was a fun trip and it was nice that it was paid for by CIEE since they pay for the 2 weekend trips we take within Spain. So much history in Spain that most people never really get to see the country they stay in… good thing I have next semester.

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