Madrid the Capitol of Spain; We went to Kapital!

This past weekend I went to Madrid with my program. We went to see a palace about 45 mins outside the city that was amazing. It was a grand structure that had gardens that I’m sure in the summer are beautiful. The inside has so many nooks and crannies. We saw the king’s bed and it is the smallest bed… If I were king I’d have a king size bed not a twin. We saw the basement where they keep all the dead royalty, Kings, Queens and so on. It was kind of creepy but cool to know that the royalty have the most decorative resting place.

We went to a museum called el Prado which has some of the most famous artwork. I’m not one for museums of art but I saw some cool things and I’m glad I went. We also went to a huge flee market that is famous in Spain. We went to the Real Madrid Stadium (which I am not a Real Madrid fan… GO BARCA) but it was pretty cool to see how big the stadium is, which is huger than huge, and that the players have Audi seats to sit in. Or to know how many trophy’s they have won. And I got to take a picture with my BFF Liasor in the store. He was just standing there wearing the Madrid uniform and I was like “hey there’s Liasor, I’m gonna take a picture.” Then my friend Jenna and I decided we are going out, we are going to have fun. So we bought some whiskey which isn’t that good but mixed it with Coke so it was all good. Then we had to go shopping for something to wear because this club is a little more dressed up and I didn’t bring anything to wear. Thankfully I found a dress for 5 Euros and some shoes for 6 Euros and a jacket for 13 Euros so I bought an entire outfit for like 24 Euros. I’d say that was a win. Unfortunately my dress was a little big on top and I couldn’t find a safety pin so we ended up stapling it (thanks for the idea T.T) and it worked like a charm. By the next morning though it wasn’t worth saving and I threw it out since the staples had started to rip the dress. My friend Erica was my roommate and she was going out too and was she excited 😉 and then all we had to do was convince Kelly to go out which of course she did. It was a good night with drinking, music, dancing, and a 7 floor club. We all got back late anywhere from 3:30am to 6am. Needless to say the next day we were all tired and all we really had to do was get on a bus and sleep. Thank the heavens. Madrid was especially cold and I was happy to be back in Alicante where it’s not as cold and you don’t have to wear multiple layers. But all in all it was a good trip and I like Madrid!

Now classes have started and I can feel that I might have a lot of work this semester. My class in the University has a lot of outside work but I don’t have a Mid-term or a Final. But we shall see what the rest of the semester brings. I will be one busy bee this semester with my classes.

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