Carnaval and Randomness

Sorry I haven’t written in forever it seems. I’ve been so busy traveling, going to class, and doing work while making time for eating and sleeping haha I’m taking a class in the University with Spanish students and it’s a lot harder than I thought it would be. I have a lot of outside work like 4 projects. But there aren’t any tests and the things we do in class don’t matter at all except to inform us and hopefully we are interested. I stressing a little. I have 3 other classes, Women’s Literature which is hard because I’m not a literature person and especially when it’s in Spanish and it’s old Spanish haha I also have Spanish for the Health Professionals which I like a lot and we learn about the healthcare system here and the different things having to do with health. My last class is just Spanish which is basically grammar with a little but of everything else. I think it’s kind of stupid I’m taking class where I don’t really learn anything and is almost the same as last semester but hey who am I to decide that.

A couple of weekends ago it was Carnival and it’s a huge festival here in Europe specifically known in Tenerife and Rio de Janeiro Brazil. One of the nights some of my friends and I met up with this lady we know from church and huge out with her sons. It was such a good night and all we did was talk and hang out in Burger King until 1am. The next night we all dressed up. Kelly as a Flamenco dancer, Erica, Cavewoman, and Jenna and I as birds, or fairies or as we like to call it Tortolitos. This is actually a Parejo de Tortolitos which is love bird which we of course arent but its an ongoing joke. That night while getting ready at my house I met my Spanish brother for the first time and he is super nice and so is his wife. We met up with some Spanish friends and went to the bars. It was a fun night. Jenna and I were  the only ones that made it to 6am. We went to the club when it opened at 3am and danced till 5am and after we went to one of the street vendors and bought the best hamburgers we’ve ever had haha probably because at 5am everything tastes so good. Jenna is new this semester but she lives in my complex and we have become really good friends.

Next weekend I’m going to Ibiza with a girl who who is here for the year Erica and that should be really fun St. Patrick’s Day in the party capitol of the world. In 3 weeks it is my 21st Birthday YAY! and I am going to Dublin with my best friend in the world Liasor or BFF for 4 days! After that almost all my work has to be done before our 3 week Spring Break which is almost the entire month of April.  This is because it’s all due the day we get back from break :/ But that’s ok Spring Break is going to be amazing. Me and my friend Kelly, who also has been here for the year, bought a train pass and we are going to  travel around Europe. Starting in Prague, Budapest, Vienna, Salzburg, Geneva, Nice and ending in Barcelona. I’m really excited for that. Once we are back there is only 2 or 3 weeks of classes and it’s finals. Can you believe how fast this semester is going? I can’t and I was here last semester. I was sad at first that I was gonna be gone so long but it’s flying by so fast I’m sad I have to leave Spain and my life here. But hey just another reason to visit 🙂

On that note I am going to be running the Boilermaker which is a 15K this summer in July. I ran it last year with my friend Jimmy and did great but this year I’m doing the 5K with my mom, aunt and my cousins girlfriend. (Sorry Jimmy if you read this before I get a chance to talk to you but my mom signed me up and she was like oh family event haha)  So it should be fun. And I’m about to apply for an internship this summer working with people that speak Spanish and going with them to the doctor’s office and helping them out in everyday life. I’m excited because I can keep my Spanish andddd I want to start going to the Spanish Mass in Utica on Sunday nights I think it is. So much is coming up I can’t even believe it.

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