Waka Waka This is Africa-Morocco

Jenna and I went to Morocco 2 weeks ago. We got up at 4am that friday morning to catch our plane to Seville where we would meet uup with the group we were going with. We get into Seville at 8am and don’t know what to do with our 8 hrs before we leave, so we went to Dunkin Donuts of course. We went sight seeing after that and went down to the river and laid out on a bench to get some rays 🙂 until 4pm. So then we caught our bus to AFRICA! After a 4hr bus ride and forever waiting at port and and hour ferry ride where the ferry rocked side to side the whole time, we were in Morocco. We went straight to the hotel and it was by now 11pm spanish time or 10pm Moroccan time. Jenna and I were  so tired we didn’t even make it through all of the 4 course dinner. We had a salad which I personally think was the weirdes salad ever and went to bed. I guess we missed out on couscous and ice cream 😦

The next morning the breakfast was pretty good but the coffee was eh so so We were Tangier and went about an hour away to Tetouan. We took a tour of the city and the street where they sell all the gold and a tannery and the market.
 We went to lunch and had soup that was pretty good, bread, skewered lamb yumm couscous, and cookies with a mint tea that was amazing. We drove back to Tangier and went to the beach in AFRICA and it was so beautiful. While at the beach we got to take a short camel ride and it was short but it was still cool. There was a baby camel that was the cutest thing but he had poop on his leg 😦 That night we had pasta for
dinner and it was an overall good day.

The next and last day in Morocco we went to Chefchaouen which is a beautiful city where all the buildings are blue. We took another tour of the city and got to go shopping. There was so much stuff and so many vendors it was crazy. We had lunch at a restaurant that had a covered rooftop where Jenna and I got eat. It had incredible views of the city and the mountains. We even got to hear when it was prayer time and some of the singing echoing off the mountains. After shopping and buying some postcards and pictures and a few presents it was time to leave. We made our long journey back and arrived in Seville at 3am. We went to a bar that was open and ate some food and off tot he airport we went.

Morocco was nice because itis a beautiful country and it was cheaper than Spain. The dollar is stronger than the Moroccan Dirham. There are poor people there obviously because it is a 3rd world country but they have simple lives. They don’t have all the gadgets we have or the oversized everything. I think the people that work hard live decent lives. But how they treat women is outrageous because they are considered property and treated like trash. After that trip I am now a feminist. At on of the rest stops the women’s bathroom was a hole in the ground that was overflowing, while the men had normal bathrooms with toilets. That’s just wrong! The men also look at women and especially us Americans like objects and I didn’t like it.I felt like I was being violated with a look and they had no right to look at me like that. And let’s be real thats not all men but yes there definitely were some. I even had one guy flip me off when we where on the bus. I’m not sure if it was because I’m American or a women but I’m guessing a combo of both. The culture is very different there and I was happy to be American because you realize the life you have is better than the rest of the world and just because of where we were born.

It was definitely a good trip and I’m glad I went because it was Africa and also because it was a beautiful country where I got to see how other people live.

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