Valencia y Las Fallas

In Valencia on the 19th of March there is a huge festival. They build “Fallas” which are like caricatures of puede ser anything and are extremely big creations made of paper mache. They are all over the city and they are amazing to see. So with CIEE we went to Valencia for the day of March 16th and got to see all the “Fallas” and it was hectic. There were so many people and you just couldn’t walk. At 2pm there is a big show and everyone tries to cram into this one plaza. We made it pretty close. There were fireworks and lots of smoke. The fireworks were extremely loud, so loud that the ground was shaking and they were going off from the middle of the plaza. There was also a parade of women and children in traditional costumes. We walked around some more and ended up at my favorite place-STARBUCKS!!! Man I love coffee! and right next to starbucks is the cupcake shop we went to last time we were there. I had 2 mini cupcakes and then I bought some more banana milk! yumm seriously so good! SO they don’t burn the “Fallas” until midnight on the 19th of March… we didn’t get to see them but I did see them on the news the next day. So since we were in Valencia Erica and I decided to use that to get cheap flights to IBIZA!

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