Spring Break, The Beginning

So Spring Break started on Friday April 5th but Kelly and I started our adventure on Sunday April 8th. Even before we started our trip things were already messed up because somehow the tickets had gotten all messed up with our names and one had gotten rescheduled. I was supposed to leave Alicante at 10pm to go to Barcelona to meet up with Kelly. Well, things never go as planned and the Ryanair plane ended up being 2 hours late. I arrived in Barcelona around midnight and almost spend the night in the airport but I ended up sharing a cab with a nice Spanish woman I met on the plane. I get a hold of Kelly and find out where I’m going and when we get there the bad driver tells me to be careful because this neighborhood isn’t that safe at night….great. It took 5 minutes to find Kelly and we go get a mojito at this bar she was at and the bartender gives me a free shot after I tell them my story about the plane woohoo. We go to the hostel and get some sleep. The next morning I had to catch a plane to Prague without Kelly but she would get there 24hrs after me.

I get to Prague and go to our hostel which is really nice and get settled in. I’m just using the wifi in the lobby/hangout area when like 6 guys walk in and ask me the wifi password. It happened to be written on the wall in huge letters and they just happened to be HOT and AUSTRALIAN. We started talking and they told me they were going out that night and that I should go. I thought about it and I wasn’t sure about going out with strangers or having the chore of getting ready after a very tiring day and almost sleepless night. But then I had a change of heart and decided I didn’t have anything else to do and how bad could it be right? I went out with them and people from their group called Contiki tours. We went to a Czech restaurant and had some food. I got these potato pancakes to die for yumm! Then the Australians decided that we were all gonna try this Czech liquor that is like pure alcohol. I also met some girls from Canada and a girl from California. After dinner, which the Aussies paid for… thank you btw if you’re reading this, we went to a beer factory. Funny because I don’t drink beer. So me and this one guy got shots of Absinthe and a rum and coke. Before we left we all got on the dance floor and were dancing. Then we walked to a club that was pretty empty being monday night and all. I got a yager bomb and we all danced. It was super hot in there so a bunch of went outside to get some air. Well turns out not too long after we all left and caught cabs home which were mad expensive. I took a cab with a very nice and handsome Australian and we held hands and cuddled and were laughing as we walked the rest of the way back from the cab. I even got a kiss 😉  The next day I was supposed to meet up with him but I went on a free walking tour and he went into town to go shopping with his other buddies. But later that night I saw him again and Kelly got to meet him and his Aussie crew… her mouth dropped wide open…. this was after I had to go find her at the train station and let me tell you, that shits huge! After that we waked around, got hot wine and even went to the Absinthe factory and hot Absinthe ice cream yummm! To end a very nice trip in Prague we watched this extremely old astronomical clock go off! We went to the train station, found our train, and headed off to Budapest. It was interesting sleeping on a train and we even sang Backstreet boys at 3am haha gotta love it!

8 and half hours later we arrive in Budapest at around 8:30am. It was an interesting night because every 2 hours someone wants to check your ID or your passport or your ticket so not much sleep yet again(3rd night in a row) We went to McDonald’s and got some breakfast and used the free wifi. It was yummy! We left to start our sightseeing. WE LOVE BUDAPEST! It has so much history, architecture, rivers, mountains, and it just has a great feel. We walked around the river and the entire city before deciding to hike the mountain with a statue and a fort on top. We had our backpacks on. It was quite the hike and we were superr tired but at the top you can’t say anything but wooow in complete amazement at the beauty of the view. At the fortress there are tons of vendors. We found a place where you could shoot an arrow with a bow. So we did it and it was so much fun! We met some Swiss guys and had coffee with them and even learned some Swiss-German words. We took pictures and walked down the mountain with them and split up finally because they wanted to go to dinner and we had to go. We grabbed some quick dinner, walked around and off we went to get on a train to Belgrade. As we walk through the train station we see stairs going down and look to see what’s there… wouldn’t you know it was lockers…. WTF ughhh

The train left at about 10pm and again passport checks and ticket checks were killer. We were passed out in between the door being slammed open and shut. Our little room was a mess and I don’t know what happened but I like to think it was an act of God that woke us up because we woke up at the same time and there was a man in our room who was about to rob us and Kelly said perdona (excuse me in English) He dropped our purses and backed out slowly and closed the door and he was gone. We think he tripped on my shoes that were all over the room floor. It was scary and weird and we were confused. It was only 4am and we still had a few hours till Belgrade. We went back to sleep and when I woke up there were miles of what looked like boxes and there were people in them. It was a real eye opener to see such a sight. We met these older gentlemen who happened to be a Serbian band and they weren’t bad. Once off the train we realized that we were in the ghetto but we kept walking and finally came across the nice part. The city was full of life and greenery and there was a fortress with views of the river that split into two. We met some Serbian guys who were really nice. We talked all afternoon and learned about life in Serbia, money, jobs, the culture and even  a few words. Hyvala means thank you. They invited us for drinks and we accepted… Earlier we had gotten drinks at a pub and that was the 1st beer of the trip… but this was beer number 2 OMG! Go Me! They were so nice and it was a good old fashioned good time. Kelly went for a ride on the one guys motorcycle! We walked around some more and back to the train station we went. Zagreb, Ljubljana and Graz here we come!

Well we kinda slept through the 4am stop for Zagreb but I will tell you this Croatia is the hardest country to get and out off. For Realz. They came through and asked for our passports, looked at them for 20 mins and then asked for other form of ID… like really?!?…. FINALLY, they we like ok and they left. We didn’t have any problems that night because there were curtains on the door and we slept on our stuff!

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