The end of the semester, 3 weeks with my mom, and coming home

After that Spring Break trip it was time to get to business! There was the giant book of articles to read and write about, there was the book to read, paper about the book to write, the presentation to go along with the paper and there was a paper on an American holiday! And that was just for my anthropology class! I had several other final projects to do and finals to study for! I didn’t sleep much!

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I did go out the first weekend after spring break but that ended up being a very traumatic weekend. You see I ate a big pasta dinner with my Madre and then pre-gamed with Jenna down by the pool.         IMG_1073We did our usual thing and went to Carpe and the other bars getting some free shots. Then we ordered the big drinks! Rum and coke all the way! Well I drank about half of that drink and I don’t remember a single thing happening after that. I can remember hearing Jenna order 3 cheeseburgers at McDonalds and I remember having to get out of our taxi to throw up and hear some guys ask if I was ok. The next thing I know I’m in bed sick as hell and I’m throwing up all day. It was Mother’s Day in Spain and I went over to my sisters house but I had to go back home because I couldn’t even look at food. I slept the afternoon away. I met up with Jenna later that night and as I was walking out the door to my building I saw myself in the mirror. I had the biggest bruise on my upper arm that was basically black! I have no idea how that happened! I talked to Jenna and she told me what happened the night before. Nothing unusual. I guess the bruise was from falling down but who the heck knows! At least I know nothing else happened and Jenna never left me that night. It was crazy and needless to say I didn’t really go out after that.

I did however go to the beach and on a hike in Calpe! The weather was getting beautiful and I needed to get out!

IMG_1135SOOOO why not go on a hiking trip for the day? Right… well about that hiking trip. This mountain over here to the right doesn’t look to bad right? The bottom half isn’t bad at all. It is the top half you need to be worried about. It’s not actually hiking anymore… it’s freakin rock climbing! Literally no joke. There’s ropes to hang onto and there’s birds who don’t like being disturbed. At the top of this mountain, somehow there are like 10 cats who pester you for food. How’d they even get up there? I mean I barely made it. We took pictures and headed back down. And after all that hiking and climbing we relaxed on the beach ahhh the beach! I love the beach!














So finals were done and my mom was leaving the US that day!!!!! I was so excited!i hadn’t seen or hugged my mom in 5 months! The next day in May 22nd I have everything ready for our trip and I go to pick her up at the airport! I waited, and waited and waited. Nothing. She never showed. I asked the Iberia counter because by now I’m super worried and I don’t know what to do. I was told she was on the next flight in that would be arriving in like an hour and half. I even bought mom a coke because I knew she’d want one. I started crying of course. So I went back to my Madre’s and ate yummy paella! My Madre gave me a big hug! 🙂 I went to Renfe train station to return a train ticket to Valencia because we weren’t going to make it :/ I was so sad and pissed at this point! The best of the trip for me was going to be going to Tenerife but it didn’t work out. I ended up getting back to the airport a little late and she had already come out. I saw her sitting on the floor so I went over to her and I saw she was crying. I realized she had no luggage. I guess it got lost in all the flight mix ups. 😦 so at least we were together now! AND she brought me an iPhone!!!! what a good mommy! We took a taxi back to my Madre’s house and the cab driver didn’t know where San Blas was- like really? Wth man! I had to tell my mom the bad news and she was even more upset because she was looking forward to Tenerife too! Well we got to my Madre’s and my mom and my Madre met for the first time 🙂 my Madre already knew we’d be staying till Friday and she totally didn’t care! My mom ate paella and my favorite melon. Being that she had no luggage we went to kiabi for some basic clothes till her suitcase arrived.


After that fiasco we slept in! We called about the luggage and made my Madre thanksgiving dinner! She actually loved the cranberry sauce! After that we chilled down by the pool with Jenna and got our tan on! God I love that pool and the Alicante sun! My mom also experienced some other Spanish foods like tortilla de patatas and Spanish “sausage”. I took my mom to the mercadillo, the beach- which it was a super hot day that day!- we went up the Castillo, the views were amazing! IMG_1163

And I could even see my house! How cool is that? AMAZING! We got mcflurries, took siestas and packed for Italy.

I literally gave away most of my clothes, shoes and stuff to my sister Lidia! It was sad but she was really excited haha

I got sick that night throwing up again and I got in bed with my mom. I took some meds and we got up early for the train to Valencia to take our flight to Rome ❤ we walked around Valencia for a while and then off to Rome we went! Once we landed we got our rental car after a LOT of walking! It seems like the longest drive from the fumiccini airport to sienna. Or hotel was the perfect picture of Tus

cany and what a hotel in Tuscany should look like. Tuscany is a beautiful array of rolling hills, gorgeous views, and windy roads. The people who owned it of course spoke no English but its ok I speak Spanish and its close to Italian! No worries. Italian food is just amazing. I mean from the pasta to the pizza to the desserts hmmmm you’d think you died and went to heaven. There wasn’t wifi at this place either… What were we thinking that a beautiful villa in the middle of Tuscany would have Internet. Lol yea right. W went to sienna and had the most amazing food… The cappuccinos and the pastries yumm buenisimo! IMG_0013IMG_1230 IMG_1252

We packed up and off to Venice we went! Italian drivers are crazy and my moms freaking out every 5 minutes haha so I drive a lot because I speed just like them going 140kilometers an hour… I got the need for speed! Anyway we parked at the airport and took the water boat to Venice and once we stepped off the boat on the island dog lido our hotel was right in front of us. Click. That was easy! Well good thing I’m a Venice expert!



We walked around and mom wasn’t the biggest fan on Venice because its super touristy and there’s really only the same tourist shops everywhere. We got into a fight because I was going through reverse culture shock of her being so American and she was cranky and tired. Shes telling me she doesn’t like venice and shes going home… wait hold up. she doesn’t like venice? who doesn’t like this unique and beautiful city? and wait shes going home? like to america? but why? This is Europe! why would you ever want to leave? then she tells me she hasn’t seen anything and this isn’t her dream trip. But we’ve seen so much already in Spain and Italy! The thing she’s really trying to say is we haven’t gone to bars or tasted amazing wine. We did however go into a shop with all these amazing Venice masks! Once you go in there there’s no way to be mad, you just look around in awe. So mom convinced me to buy one of the fabulous masks and I absolutely love it! I read all the hunger games books on this trip and omg I love them!

We packed again and off to my favorite country (sorry Spain) SLOVENIA! We stopped in Postjama to see stalagmite caves that are like 10 thousand years old! The caves were really extensive and we even took a train going about 2 kilometers. Some were white or red or both and some were like curtains, or spaghetti. IMG_1362The oldest ones were over 4 million years old.


We also saw this castle that built into the side of a mountain! Cooooool!

We got ice cream yumm! Did I mention I love this country yet? Our hotel had the most amazing views of the Slovenian mountains.


We went to lake Bohinj , which by the way is my favorite place on earth! Its so beautiful. a picture is worth a thousand words!



Then we went to lake bled which is almost as beautiful but not quite. We had the famous lake bled cake and cappuccinos in this fancy hotel.


It was perfect! From there we went to a waterfall nearby. It was also amazing! It was quite a hike up that mountain let me tell you! ( what is this, my fourth mountain I’ve climbed on trips?)

We explored Ljubljana and my mom fell in love with this country like I did!


We packed up again and we drove to Florence. This was the day from hell! No seriously, everything went wrong that could have. We got lost, couldn’t find our hotel and realized that mom booked a hotel in Rome for the same day. Well the only good thing that happened was we stopped at the piazza de Michelangelo which is by far my favorite place in Italy!

It’s just a must see! There’s music and the best views of Florence and there’s the sunset over Florence. It’s perfect!











So we couldn’t find the hotel and drove around in circles for hours. We said eff this and drove on the Rome thinking that would solve our problems. NOPE. We got lost again. I don’t know why there aren’t any street signs over there. W actually had to stop at this restaurant TWICE and a guy from the hotel had to come get us. He walked. He was going to drive our car but then saw it was an automatic- why yes we are American and we can’t drive stick- and he says “oh madam I can’t drive this” haha what?!?! Whatever so we drove over there with him in the car. Damn one way streets. It’s May 31st and its my best friend Jimmy’s 22nd birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JIMMY! We explored Rome for a few days seeing the coliseum, the Vatican, the Trevino fountain, the pantheon war museum, and did some shopping! For our last day in Italy we went to Assisi! Our hotel looked over the countryside around Assisi. Just beautiful. We went to mass at the St. Francis Basilica and we even saw St. Francis’ tomb. We head to the airport and its back to Spain we go. Although before we leave I stop at the Ferrari store and buy Jimmy some Ferrari golf balls for his birthday! 🙂


On the flight back, the flight attendant is asking everyone about a señor or mister rosetto. Se looks at me and asks me…

Do I look like a man? NO I don’t thank you. Haha

We had 2 more days in Alicante. We visited CIEE and I showed my mom the university. I spent a lot of time with my Madre because in 2 days I knew I’d be leaving her for a long time. I was really sad about that. The day we had to take the train to Madrid, I cried… No I balled when I said goodbye. I love that lady like my own mother. She’s just the best. I even cried on the train because I really wasn’t prepared to leave Alicante, my study abroad life or my Madre and mi familia española.

We spent the night in Madrid and had some pizza and a stuff drink. The next day we were off to the good old USA.

I would say that studying abroad was the best experience of my life and I will never forget it. I love Spain, especially Alicante and I love my Madre and my family. Traveling around Europe for a year only confirmed what I want to do with my life. I want to travel the world and I want to not just travel but live and experience the different lifestyles and languages of the world. I would recommend studying abroad to anyone and everyone. No one ever regrets it. And that’s the end of my stories from studying abroad in Spain.


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