Winter Storms

I hate winter. That’s all there is to it. Its cold and there are snow storms. It messes everything up. So wouldn’t you know that it messed up my travel plans yet AGAIN! I was doing great until I got on the plane from Frankfurt to Helsinki.

I wrote this on the plane from New Jersey to Frankfurt before all the craziness:

For the next 6 months I’ll be 7,100 miles away in China having the most amazing experience and opportunities. I’m over my being sad stage and IM EXCITED! China? Wow, how did this happen? I don’t even know. Ahh pandas and lanterns and learning Chinese and seeing things that are thousands of years old is incredible! Well I really need to get some shut eye. This flight is actually pretty short for flying to Europe. I’ll have all day and night tomorrow to write. Hasta pronto!
I can’t sleep. Most likely because it’s 10:30 at night for me and I kinda slept for 2.5 hours already. I’m still thinking about my guy haha I cried again too. I really don’t know why. I mean I get that I won’t be seeing him and my mom for 6 months but it’s not like I can’t talk to them right? Right. Plus I’m going on this exciting adventure to China. Who can say they’ve been to China? Let alone lived there for 6 months? Not that many people. I’ll get to see so many amazing things and learn Chinese and try REAL Chinese food and make new friends. I think once I get there it’ll be amazing. It’s always a rough journey when you move abroad. There’s all the excitement but there’s all that god what did I get myself into and what if I hate it and I miss home. Once you get past all that you can enjoy your time abroad. I should be a pro at this but I got used to life in the states again and I actually have someone who makes me really happy. It’s only 6 months and when I get home they’ll still be there. Time to enjoy CHINA

AND This is what happened after I landed in Frankfurt:

 I had the day from hell. It was awful. It started out pretty good. I found free wifi which is not heard of in airports. I’ve never seen it before and I’ve been in a lot of airports. I went and got a cappuccino and a croissant which were so delicious. I forgot I had to go through customs. So I went through customs and the guys there were nice. They have to ask you questions and stuff so we were talking about my weird way to get to china and what I’ll be doing there. We came to the conclusion that they might need English teachers there. After that I walked forever and finally found my gate 10 minutes before boarding. Who knew this airport was so big? Obviously, not me. It was late though 😦

I get on the plane and  it’s as supposed to a little under 2 hours. When we get to Helsinki, the pilot says wed not have enough gas to stay wait to land and Helsinki isn’t letting many planes land so we had to go to Stockholm. The weather of course was not good in Helsinki. It was white out conditions. We stayed in Stockholm for like 2 hours and then tried again. We ended up in this circling pattern above Helsinki for an hour waiting for the ok to land. When we finally landed after 6.5 hours on this flipping plane, I missed my flight. I did sit next to this very nice German guy who I made friends with. He actually went with me to get my luggage and to the Finnair counter. He was so nice! I had this man on my first flight put my carry on in the overhead compartment for me. I can’t even believe the nice people I’ve met. And people say chivalry is dead! Anyway, the lady at the counter was going to make my buy a new flight because  it wasn’t the same airline but she called the manager because it was due to the weather and she said ok we’ll let you change. BUT I still had to pay 200 euros or 280$ to change. What could I do? I paid the lady.

By this point I’ve not slept and  it’s 6pm. I haven’t eaten anything since the croissant at 9am. And I’m stressed. After I book a hotel room at the airport service for airport hotels, I wait for them to get me. I went to the bus stop and cried! I was so upset. Who wouldn’t be? It was a long 48 hours at this point and with no food or sleep I’m surprised I was even still standing. I met this guy who works for Ford  in the UK and he really was nice and took pity on me. I had stopped crying by now and we started talking. He told me his story, he missed his flight due to the weather as well but he was flying with the same company so he was fine. He even got a hotel and dinner covered. When I told him my story he asked me when the last time I ate was, I didn’t even know, and he offered to buy me dinner. Of course I accepted! What a nice guy! I got cheeseburger with french fries which was AMAZING! I went upstairs to my room and took a hot shower, got in bed and immediately PASSED OUT! I was so tired.

Jet lag, of course, woke me up at 6:15am. I tried to go back to sleep but it didn’t work. So I got breakfast and I’m in my room packing and getting ready for the day! There’s some sort of shopping center near by and I have nothing to do until 3pm. At which time I will be going to the airport for my 5:45 flight which I am already checked into with my luggage checked as well. I will not miss this flight! Today is going to be a good day. No missed flights and I will make it to China. Just a day later than expected. It’s actually better this way anyway. My original flights worked out this way as well but as we all know that didn’t work out but… it did. Next time I post, for the love of God, I will be in China! I can’t wait!

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