Ni hǎo! I’m in China!

I finally made it to CHINA!

I got picked up at the airport and came straight to my hotel where I showered and went straight to my orientation. It’s hard to listen to people talk all day when you want to explore but the information they tell you is all really important. They talk about teaching, housing, food, culture etc. They gave us all a keychain and I got a pink horse for Chinese New Year and the year of the horse. I got it in a game we played to learn Chinese. Lunch was ok. Not the greatest but I found some stuff to eat. The afternoon session was awful because jet lag started kicking in and these 2 teachers were giving fake lessons. Then we went to dinner. Wow what can I say, I may starve to death. I do not like hotpots.

Cow IntestineI don’t mind the spiciness but there is a spice on a lot of things here that I just do not like. I ate cow intestine and it was the worst thing I’ve ever eaten. The texture was awful but that spice was on it is what made it taste so bad. And I had to chew it and swallow it because it’s not allowed to spit it out. 😦 The rest of the stuff was not that great but I did get rice and this sweet bread bun that was good. So I didn’t eat that much. I can’t even believe I ate cow intestine. That’s crazy!

We are learning Chinese in our survival Chinese class. I don’t know much but I’m learning really quick. I actually really like Chinese. It’s a hard language but it’s also fun to learn and the people here love to teach us stuff. I really want to learn as much as I can while I’m here. It will be a very useful skill and it’s fun to know languages because then you can converse with so many more people.

We went to the old part of town and it was amazing! That is why I came to China.

photo 5 photo 4

There were so many streets with all kinds of food from cotton candy, honey art on a stick, nuts, different types of chicken and Indian bread with fruit inside. There was so much to see and I even bought postcards thanks to my 2 survival Chinese classes. I know numbers and hand signs. The food was much better the last few days. We had broccoli, green beans, rice, duck soup, pizza, ice cream, sweat and sour pork, potato sticks, corn puffs and so much more. I don’t think I’ll starve anymore. There is a lot of good food here. Hotpots are just not for me.








We went to a tea house today and learned tea art and incense art. It was very interesting. We had lots of tea and I really like it because it’s so good. They don’t use tea bags but tea leaves and there is a very specific way one must make tea. The girls dressed in what looked like traditional Chinese dresses and were very proper. The incense was also very interesting. They make a symbol with the incense and then burn it. It is supposed to be very good for you. Many things are good for your health in China.


So far I’m really enjoying China. I love the people in my program, everyone is so nice and we have a good time. The Chinese friends we have made are awesome too. They are so nice and do way more for us then they should. I can’t wait to meet the people I’ll be working with. I’m going to be working in the same building as orientation and with one other participant, Jared. He knows some Chinese so he’ll be the go to. So we saw our office, yes we have an office, and I found out I’ll be getting a custom made work outfit. That’s so cool! We think Jared is getting something too but we aren’t sure. In few days we’ll see our apartments and really get settled in. It’s going to be an exciting adventure.

Zài jiàn!

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