Everyday struggles

It’s cold in Chongqing. It’s been in the high 30s and 40s but I wasn’t expecting it to be this cold. I didn’t bring the right clothes. It is just like the month of February in Alicante Spain. It’s a humid cold so it gets right down to your bones. I’m getting a cold and a cough. I finally just went out and bought a coat at the superstore for 139 yuan. It’s red and its long and it’s got red fur around the collar of the hood. It looks good and I blend in more with the Chinese. I got a lot of stuff today actually.


I went to the store with Jared, the guy I work with and who lives in my building, and we go so many things we needed. We got the coats and I bought leggings and gloves. Then after that we went to the cleaning supplies and bought dish soap, multi-purpose cleaner, sponge mops, a cutting board and a knife, a cup, and stick on hooks for the walls. Then we bought stuff for dinner tonight. We are going to make dinner and watch a movie since there isn’t much else we can do without internet or much money. We got chicken, broccoli, green beans, peanut oil, and some seasoning. Plus after we came back from the store, we went out and explored our little area a little more.

I was looking for a bigger purse or be able to carry things when I go to work and stuff. I found this inside market that has everything and I bought a brown bag and a pot for real cheap! I also found another grocery store much closer to my apartment and we found lots of little shops and the expensive shopping avenue. We went into a pharmacy and found contact solution. Thank God. I somehow forgot to bring a big one with me.

Successfully did laundry for the first time. It was hard because everything is in the Chinese characters. I just kinda winged it with the washer settings and how much laundry detergent powder to use. It came out fine so that’s good. Jared and I got a clothes line and I hung mine up in my living room where my clothes are currently drying as we speak. Anddd it just fell down. I tied it to my chairs and then put the rest of my clothes up on this little rack in my bathroom.

We tried street food for the first time. It was really pretty good. It was spicy but good. And we only paid 15 yuan for it. That’s like less than a $1.50 each for dinner. Woah. We paid a lot more for the food we cooked ourselves. Umm yea def not gonna be cooking a lot. Way too much work anyway to get everything you need and then to actually cook it. Finally, I got my Chinese sim card to work after my mom called Verizon to unlock it. Still waiting on getting internet though.

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