Orientation to the Real World

The last day of orientation we went and hiked up part of a mountain to get to a temple. The temple was amazing. It was huge and the colors were so vivid. It was quite the hike. There were so many stairs. The temple had 3 levels so we had to keep going up to the different levels. It was worth it though. When we reached the top we had the best views of Chongqing.

Best view of Chongqing
Best view of Chongqing

After that we had lunch and went to wait to be picked up by our schools. Ours of course was already there in the building. We talked to our boss for a while. His name is Young and he speaks almost perfect English. He’s also really a cool guy. Jared and I work together. We also live in the same building. He’s awesome and I’m glad that we got put together. It’s so nice having someone to share the craziness with. We got our pictures taken and got set up to fingerprint in the system to sign in and out.

We went to the store to buy comforters and pillows since our apartments didn’t have any. We also got basic food supplies: bread, jam, yogurt, water, orange juice, pasta, and a bowl and spoon. We waited in the hotel lobby for over an hour and finally one of the ladies came to get us. Her name is Ruby and she is adorable. I love her. It was 6:45pm at this point. Jared and I were like dead.

We had to drag all our stuff to our apartments, which were about a 15 min walk. It was rough let me tell you. We made it though and were excited to see our places. I’m on the 8th floor and Jared is on the 28th. We get into mine and it’s cute. I have a bedroom, living room, kitchen, and bathroom. Everything is really good until I see the bathroom is a little funky.There is a squat toilet which you get used to but the shower situation is a little different. I guess they have the water from the shower go down the toilet so the toilet and shower are kind a combo pack. I wasn’t really sure where to stand since there isn’t that much space but I’m about to test it out, now that I’ve cleaned it. There’s a little space on the side of the toilet and next to the sink which I think is where I’m supposed to shower. I don’t know. It’s weird. The whole bathroom floor is really the shower since is all gets wet and then goes down the toilet. Just something to get used to I guess.

And the other thing is ITS COLD. There isn’t really heat. I have a small AC/heater unit in my bedroom that can be closed off with sliding doors but that’s it and its really cold in the whole little place even with that. Oh boy. I didn’t have internet either so when I was left by myself I was kinda upset and I wanted to come home. It was my first time by myself in China and I was having issues. I didn’t know what to do. I got in bed and my bed was as hard as a rock. I think a tree or the floor would be more comfortable. I woke up at 5:45 and thought it was 6:45 fml but I got ready and did stuff and went to work early so I could use the wifi from the hotel to call my mom. That’s all I needed. I felt much better after that and after being at work and from a very good valentine’s day. I don’t feel like leaving or crying anymore. Can’t complain about sucky things anymore. Heat, a real shower and a bed all things that aren’t easy to live without and I can’t wait to have them about. I think it was rough at first and there a def things that I have to get used to but I think it’s gonna be an exciting adventure!

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