Wal-mart, the lost debit card, and internet

So Jared and I were determined to find Wal-mart. The first time we tried it was a complete failure. We didn’t find it. So the next day at work we looked it up again but with the Chinese name for wal-mart. I wrote down very specific directions and I took pictures of the map. After work we headed out again and low and behold we found it. Wal-mart is underground and the sign looks just like Wal-mart! So exciting!

We get inside and we got a little crazy with things we wanted to buy. We got shoes, goldfish, chocolate pudding cups, cereal and milk, and I found skippy peanut butter and there were fresh waffles being made. Oh I’m so happy about that. We wanted to buy everything. We actually had to see how much yuan we had on us and decided to put most of it back. I only got my black boots and the peanut butter. I didn’t have that much money on me.

It was when we were checking out that I saw my Bank of America debit card was missing. That is the account with all the money in it. I was freaking out on the inside and was trying to be cool about it on the outside. Only Jared could tell you how I really acted. We got back to our apartments and I searched my whole place, including my fridge. Nope, nowhere. I thought okay maybe I left it at the ATM. That’s the only thing I could think of. The next morning we checked at the bank. Not there either. Great. I had my mom call and cancel it and have a new one shipped out. Once she gets it, she can send it to me and God willing it’ll make it to me.

Getting internet in China has been quite the hassle. First I had to have someone go with me to the internet company. His name is Daniel and he has been such a big help since I’ve been here. He basically signed up for me and I had to pay the whole 6 months up front. That’s ok, at least I won’t have to worry about paying it. Then, I had to wait for a guy to be able to come to my apt and set it up. And while all this was happening, Jared and I had to have a coworker buy us routers online which took like 3 days to arrive. Everything in China takes a super long time. No joke. Everything is cheap but it takes forever to get anything done. We worked on getting internet for over a week. So if you were wondering why I hadn’t posted or why I’ve posted quite a lot in such a short time, the answer to that question is that I didn’t have internet in my apartment. I literally just got it. And of course wordpress is blocked in China so I couldn’t post from work or anything. Oh living in China problems.

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