My apartment

My apartment… What to say about it? It’s small but not so small that I cant have people over.Well maybe it’s best to use pictures.




This is my apartment building. I’m on the 8th floor.



My hallway



This is my hallway. To the right is my kitchen and to the left is my bathroom.



my bathroom


This is my bathroom. This is a squat toilet for all you who have never heard of or seen one.That was me when I got here. It was a little bit of an adjustment, but they really aren’t that bad. My bathroom floor gets dirty quicker than humanly possible. I clean my floor before I take a shower seeing as my shower is above my toilet. Interesting right? It was a shock and I wasn’t sure how to work that one out, but the water goes pretty far so I stand on the corner and it’s all good.


This is my kitchen. This is the counter, the sink and the door that opens up to my little porch with my washer on it.




These are my gas burners and my fridge. I don’t cook as much as I should but I’m cooking more and more.



This is my little balcony and my tiny washer. It works really well. It’s all in Chinese and I figured it out. I’m getting pretty good at that.





This is my dining area of my living room. As you can see I have 2 chairs and 2 little stools. I also  have a nice 2 layered glass table. My table is like a catch all. I don’t have storage and I don’t have many places to put my stuff.




This is my couch. It is actually pretty comfortable and it can be a second bed if needed. It also is a catch all. I have all my bags and backpacks and coats on it. I try to keep it clean but I don’t use it anyway. I have a tv that doesn’t work because I don’t have cable.



I have a bedroom that is separated from my living room by sliding glass doors that you can only kind of see through.

This is my bed. It’s actually 2 beds on top of each other. It’s not comfortable at all. I think the first night I really slept on a rock. I had to buy a “mattress pad” or should I say another comforter. It is a big bed thought which is nice. I have space to sprawl out! On the right I have a closet and a little stand. I also have a night stand next to my bed.


View from my bedroom
View from my bedroom

So that is all I have. My apartment isn’t that big but it’s perfect for what I need. I like my neighborhood, the little store downstairs with the people that I’m getting to know, the small supermarket down the street, how close I am to work, the fact that Jared live 20 floors above me, and that I’m super close to all modes of transportation. This is my humble abode for the next 4 months, possibly longer should I choose to stay.

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