Owling: Owling is an Art

Owling refers to the act of sitting in a perched position while looking off into the distance as to mimic the posture of an owl.

When I first got to China I was obsessed with this. It only lasted two months nbd. (no big deal) As you might know, I have an Instagram full of people owling including myself and some friends. You are more than welcome to follow me: hyperlink—alexis_pellerin. Anyway, I had an obsession for a while so I’ve put this little collection together for all you owling newbies like me who are interested in why these people owl so frequently.

I actually find myself doing it myself. I’ll tell you a secret, owling is a necessity in China. Why you might ask? Well owling is soo common in China because you never know what has been on the ground or ledge or whatever it is you want to sit on besides a chair or stool. No but really, if you come to China, don’t just sit wherever because that’s gross. There has been a lot of things on whatever it is your thinking of sitting on that you REALLY do want to know about let alone sit on. I love China don’t get me wrong, BUT I will never get used to the constant sound of people hacking up their lungs and spitting everywhere and anywhere. And it’s not just like regular clear spit, it’s like full out that just came from some part of your body that I don’t want to even know. Honestly, I will never get used to that. I understand why people do it, the air here is not clean and the smog can get really bad, so bad that when you look out your window you can’t even see the building next door. (that has only been a few days) So needless to say, your lungs are not in the healthiest state and if I do a lot of things outside my nose starts to run.

On top of that, as cute as these little kids are here, some of the cutest children ever, they are not cute anymore when they squat/owl and just do their business on the street, in the park, or their parents hold them over trash cans wherever they are, including stores like Ikea for example. I was there with some other Americans and we saw legit 3 parents hold their kids over a trash can, and the kicker is that the restroom was literally less than 500 feet away. Ahh China. And then there are the dogs that do their business too. So you see owling is a necessity in China. Anyway, now that you know why people do that and why you should too if you come to China, here are the best of the best owling pics I’ve taken. Enjoy:



If you thought owling was cool or weird or interesting you should check out what came before and after the owling trend. There’s also vadering, batmanning, horsemanning, supermanning, spidermanning, batting, etc


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