20 Things I’ve learned about myself

  1. Sometimes I need to be a better listener and focus on others instead of myself
  2. I am braver and stronger than I thought
  3. I actually like walking places and not needing a car… the metro is very convenient
  4. I am not the best teacher nor will I ever be but I have the best intentions
  5. Adjusting to life abroad was much easier the second time around- I deal well with change… although I am still a planner (call me if you need a travel agent) but I am spontaneous too
  6. I’m a pretty good cook and I like to entertain and I’m kinda good at it
  7. I can kill bugs when I have to (aka small cockroaches and spiders)
  8. I like spicy food… a lot but not so spicy I can’t feel my tongue
  9. I depend on and use the internet way more than I should
  10. I can only stand being by myself in my apt for so long before I have to just get and do something, anything from a walk or a trip to the store
  11. I have to force myself to go to the gym cuz let’s be honest it’s hard to get into that routine
  12. I hate hot and humid weather and cold and humid weather so much but I gotta say the former is worse and its barely even summer yet
  13. When I go abroad I feel like I never have enough clothes or shoes… maybe because my closet at home is hugeee and I have a ton of options whereas here I have a few options all the time
  14. I really like reading and I’ve read more books in the last year than I did during my entire life
  15. I like learning other languages and after your second language it gets easier… not saying it isn’t hard cuz it is when you teach English for a living
  16. I can live with very basically… I don’t really need all those things we collect over the years or the things we just want to have and I find I want them less and less
  17. I started doing yoga and I really like it… I’m not a professional or anything but I’m trying and I feel good the next day
  18. I like red wine and am developing my wine palate… sweet-dry
  19. I don’t want to keep moving around for the rest of my life, I do want to settle down and still travel
  20. I have no idea what I want to do with my life and that is totally ok because I am going to travel and move around and give myself time to figure out what I want  and what to get a Master’s in


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