Likes and Dislikes  

As we get closer and closer to the end of my time and China, I’m beginning to think about the things I will miss and the things that I hope I never have to see, hear or deal with again.

Don’t get me wrong China is a great place to live. It isn’t anything like you’d imagine. In fact, it’s like living in any other big city besides everything being in Chinese. I really like living in China. Of course, I have those days where “I hate China” but truthfully I like life in China. China is a communist country and they monitor the internet, so I have to use a VPN just write on this blog and use Facebook.

I work for the government, and if you’ve read my 2 posts about my company you’d know that it is unpredictable and changes constantly. I love my students but I don’t really like my co-workers besides Jared, I love Jared. Thankfully, the extra class we had has ended and the Philippine lady has come back to work so our work load has gone back to normal. (See my previous post Working at Chongqing Multinational HRM )

I get paid alright for what I actually do but sometimes I do not get paid enough with all the changes going on. I like how cheap everything is. So I don’t have to spend a lot of my monthly paycheck because it is so cheap here. Food is super cheap, taxi’s are cheap, and my work pays for my apartment and my lunch every day so I have it pretty good. I don’t need much money to survive here so I’m saving as much as I can. (aka spending money on traveling to places like Hong Kong 2 months ago and Zhangjiajie/Avatar mountains this weekend SUPER EXCITED)

I’ve made a list of both good and bad things about living in Chongqing. There are obviously good and bad things about every city and town. China is no different and even with all the things I will never miss about living here, I will miss many things and I will especially miss the friends that I have grown so close with over the last 4 months. I believe that the people we meet truly make a place feel like home. I can say that  the family I’ve made here in China has made this my home for the past 4 months. I will be sad to go, but there are exciting things in my future.

Things I like:

1. Everything is so cheap (especially food, and healthy food)

2. Life is like anything other city, besides the Chinese

3. There are so many places to travel to

4. Chinese people are so friendly and welcoming to foreigners

5. Learning Chinese

6. Cutest little kids on the planet

7. My students, I seriously love them!

8. All the friends I’ve made… Jared especially, idk what I’d do without you man.

9. There are Wal-marts, Metro’s and Carrefour to buy all kinds of foreign foods

10. I’m lovin the veggies and the spicy food


Things I don’t like:

1. Summer is H-O-T with a double T and HUMID to the double D

2. Chinese tones are hard to learn

3. People spitting everywhere… all day every day

4. Seeing little kids butts all the time/ seeing them go to the bathroom on the street

5. Everything is last minute AKA work (see any of my 3 work posts)

6. Ehhh work

7. The smog… where is the sun?

8. Was that a cockroach? Crapppppp

9. China is hugeee….Not enough time to go everywhere

10. Why is everything an organ or body part when you go out to eat with Chinese people?

11. I have to boil all my water (not fun when you just want to put some water in your coffee pot in the morning)

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