Summer Sun

We’ve had a solid week of good weather. It has definitely been hot and it even got up to 104 degrees the other day, but the sun has been shining and I’ve been loving it. It has made me feel happy and I’ve tried to spend some time outside. Not only do I want some sort of tan, I just want to be outside and feel the sun. I love the sun and even when it’s 100 degrees, I hate  to go inside or in the shade. I guess 6 months without sun really does something to a person.

Saturday Jared, Kristin and I set out to explore a new part of the city and be outside. We didn’t actually get all that far away from where we live but it was a nice day nonetheless. We had lunch and walked around the flower park and the little amusement park attached to it that was basically run down and broken, but for whatever reason had one “ride” open. It was a playhouse where the kids could shoot at each  with foam balls. It was pretty hot that day but we kept wandering and we happened upon an art center where we looked at some really nice paintings.

Sunday I went over to the neighborhood Yonghui and got a few things I needed. On my way there I soaked up the sun and when I arrived I decided to sit outside in the sun on a bench for a little while before going in. It was a beautiful day. It was sunny, warm and breezy. It did get a little hot but soaking up all that sun and vitamin D just warmed my soul. We haven’t had many days of sun here in Chongqing. When it is sunny, the clouds and smog usually cover it up. The month of June was a month of just rain and so July has been nice. (it’s still not the beach but hey gotta take what you can get)

Not only do I love the sun but I got sick last week and I figured some time outside and the sun could do me some good. I had a sore throat that went away after a few days. That turned into a cough and some congestion of course. It’s a summer cold, which is so weird to me, but hey going in and out o hot weather and the cold AC has to do something to your body if you go from one extreme to another. Anyway, I’m pretty much over that thank God.

P.S. only 4 weeks till I’m back in the U.S.A 🙂

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