I’m done, I’m done

Yesterday was my last day of work and it was absolutely amazing to have no students and to never have to go back there. Unfortunately, they didn’t pay me yet and I’m pissed about that. I’m supposed to get paid on the 7th of every month and a few weeks ago I went to them and made sure they would pay me for July, 6 days in August and the money for my flight. As always they screwed stuff up and didn’t have the right amount and they didn’t have the money ready for me. I was told I should get paid today or Monday. We’ll see if that happens, if not they will have one very UNHAPPY American coming in and they’ll wish they paid me already. Enough about the awful place though.

My mom made it safely to Helsinki where she will catch a direct overnight flight here. She’s had no problems that I know of so that’s great!  Tomorrow morning at the crack of dawn (no pun intended haha my mom’s name is Dawn)  I will be getting up to go to the airport to pick her up! I AM SO EXCITED! It’s been over 6 months since I’ve seen her. My company surprisingly has hired a car to bring me to the airport and pick my mom up AND they are taking us to dinner tomorrow night with my boss the dragon lady and few other people from work. I was actually shocked at this. They never do anything nice like that for us. It wasn’t my departments idea come to find out, it was actually the department that works with CIEE to bring Americans to Chongqing. That made sense because they are all super nice over there.

 I’ve been busy every day and every night for the last 2 plus weeks. I’ve been seeing all my friends and doing things to get ready to leave.I actually have a very busy schedule for the rest of time I’m in China. The whole time my mom is here is planned out basically.  There is just so much to do.  Today is my only rest day. I’m not really doing anything. Jared and I are gonna do a Harry Potter Marathon. (fun fact: I never saw or read Harry Potter until last week when Jared and I watched the 1st and 2nd movies) Then I have some food to make, so I’ll make Jared dinner. He’ll probably want to join the amazing breakfast that I have planned for tomorrow morning too. I’m going all out with eggs, bacon, french toast, coffee, oatmeal and English muffins with cream cheese.  Yummm. I want to give my mom a good breakfast and ease her into Chinese food. I mean they eat everything spicy and even eat spicy noodles for breakfast for heavens sake, that’s not normal for the rest of us. My mom doesn’t even like spicy food, while I’ve come to love it, so it should be interesting. I’m not only excited for her to get here, but to also get to travel around China. It’s going to be a GREAT trip!

Well, it looks like this is my last post for a while  🙂

ta ta for now everyone

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