My New Adventure

I’m leaving for Spain on Monday October 20th. I’m going to the city of Albacete. It’s not that far from my previous home, Alicante. I am very excited to see my madre and my familia espanola! I have missed them so much and speaking Spanish! It is going to be exciting to live in Spain again and get to travel Europe otra vez! I am going through a program with the Spanish Government called the North American Language and Culture Assistant program or auxiliar de conversación in Spanish. I am going to be working 12 hours a week in a school in the town of La Roda outside of Albacete assisting in the teaching English to Spanish students. I get paid 700 Euros a month to do so. It’s actually a pretty good deal. I am lucky and my school has told me that I will be working Thursday and Friday from 8am to 2pm. I have the rest of the time free to do private lessons or possibly to find another job or even study at the university. We shall see, until next time!


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