Off I go

Monday October 20th

 This is the day I left for Spain. It was a very sudden decision. I decided 10 days before I left, I was really coming and bought my ticket. I spent those 10 days seeing friends and family, getting every thing I needed, avoiding packing and pretending I wasn’t really leaving so soon. You see I just got back from China 7 weeks ago and that is a quick turn around. I probably would have stayed but there really wasn’t anything for me to stay for. There are no job prospects in my small town and I have no friends there. I have friends all over the world from Spain to China to all over the US but none in my hometown.

My mom, my aunt and I left my house at 8am and stopped at McDonald’s and Dunkin Donuts of course! We made it to the airport by 9:15. I checked in and took a few things out of my carry on. I was kinda avoiding going upstairs to go through security because I didn’t want to say goodbye to my mom. My mom and I are really close. I’m going to miss her so much! I teared up going through security and then again on my first plane from Syracuse to Boston. I wasn’t ready to say goodbye again. I got through it though. Once I was in Boston I waited the 5 hours until my flight to Madrid. I watched Harry Potter #4 and talked to a few friends and my mom. I teared up again right before we boarded. I normally am not this sad when I go on a trip but I think China really got to me and I was still adjusting back to American life. It’s not easy to move around all the time. I love Spain don’t get me wrong. I mean what’s not to love about cappuccinos, Spanish, handsome men, friendly people, getting to see my Spanish family and friends and traveling Europe again? Honestly nothing! I just don’t want to start over all the time. For the last 5 years I have lived in a different place and I wanna pick a place put down roots. The more I travel and move from place to place I realized I don’t want to always keep moving. Who knows maybe I’ll find a Spanish novio and live happily ever after here in Spain.

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