I’m in Spain

Tuesday October 21st

We arrived at the Madrid airport a little before 6am local time or 12am east coast time. I made my way through customs and down to the baggage claim where I had a mini heart attack. I waited and waited till the bags stopped coming out and my bag never came. There were a few of us and then they turned the belt off. I was like great of course this would happen to me. Something always goes wrong. I asked God to please please let my bag come and finally they turned the baggage claim back on and sent our bags out! Crisis avoided! Thank you God! Now that I had my suitcase I saw that one of the wheels on my suitcase is broken šŸ˜¦

Madrid was not my final stop, so I had already looked up that if you have a train ticket with Renfe, there are trains that take you to the train station and you get a ticket for free! Woot woot! So I made it to the train station and decided to get a cappuccino and a croissant with chocolate inside. I think the lady actually gave me cafe con leche because it did not taste like a cappuccino but it was still good! I went through the train station security which is nothing compared to airport security. It was just like China… Put your stuff through a X-ray machine or whatever they use and off you go. Then I found a seat to wait for my train and busted out some country music! (Florida Georgia Line anyone?) The train left Madrid at 9:30am for Alicante… Can I just ride it till the end? No ok but soon I’ll be going to Alicante!

Around 10:50am IĀ arrivedĀ in Albacete. My hotel is down the street from the train station Los llanos so I decided to just walk. Well, that was a bad idea. It wasn’t really that far, but with a suitcase and a broken one at that because now I’ve discovered that yet another wheel is breaking, it really wasn’t easy. I had to drag my suitcase and my carry-on a few blocks to my hotel. I was so happy when I finally reached the Hotel Castilla. I checked in and settled into my room. I took a hot shower and got dressed.

I had emailed a few people about looking at apartments. Only one of them actually emailed me back and her name was Elena. So around 1pm I went over to the apartment which was seriously like 5 minutes away. I really liked the apartment. It was cute. There was plenty of space and even though the room I would have isn’t all that big, it was perfect for me. Plus Elena was so nice! Like seriously she took the time to explain everything to me and told me that even if I didn’t choice this apartment that she would be happy to help me. I had a really good feeling about her and this piso! She told me to think about it and get back to her. So I went back to the hotel and honestly couldn’t keep my eyes open so as a Spaniard I took a siesta. I got up and walked around this new city of mine. I went to Vodafone to buy a sim card and have a Spanish phone number. I got dinner and went back to the hotel. After talking to my mom, I got my beauty sleep until 11am the next day! Jet lag really gets you.

Wednesday October 22nd

I woke up to an email from Elena saying she had other people interested in coming to see the apartment and she wanted to know if I had decided. No one else had responded to me about apartments and I really liked the piso so I told her that yea I wanted to move in! She asked when I wanted to move in and I asked if that day was too soon haha I moved in at 3pm that day! I unpacked and went to the supermarket across the street to buy food. And there you have it. I made it to Spain, found an apartment and moved in all in basically 24 hours.

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