1st Weekend in Spain

What do you do on a Friday night in Spain? You go for tapas and canas of course. (snacks and beers) One of my roommates invited me to go out with her and some of her friends. It was pretty fun. We bar hopped and I tried squid ink noodles with some special Galician shrimp. It wasn’t that bad actually.

Saturday was the big day though because it was the Real Madrid vs FC Barcelona game. It started at 6pm and the same group of people met at a bar to watch the game. Almost all of them are Madrid fans and I am of course a Barcelona fan. It started out really good for Barca but ended horribly because they lost 3-1. Barcelona scored a goal within the first 3 minutes and then that was it. They played terrible and made many attempts on the goal but none of them went in. Madrid played very well. They were able to score 3 goals and kept their passing tight. Well played Madrid well played.

el-clasico-real-madrid-barcelona1 Real-Madrid-vs-Barcelona

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