First Days

Thursday October 23rd

This was my first day of work. I was kind of nervous because I hadn’t really spoke to anyone at my school. Spanish people are terrible at responding to emails or doing anything on time in general. So the night before I found a lady on BlaBlaCar that was going to my small pueblo La Roda. La Roda is small town about a 20 minute drive from Albacete. So I met the lady at the Post Office and off we went. She didn’t know where my school was, so I of course looked it up on Google Maps and walked for about 10 minutes to the school.


I walked into the school and looked around but no one was around except a student sitting on a bench. We looked at each other awkwardly for a few minutes until someone came around a corner and asked if they could help me. (Now we all know that in the USA you can’t just walk into a school. It’s harder to get into a school than it is to visit someone in prison. They want to know what you’re doing there, who you are, your social security number and the name of you ancestor on the Mayflower and even then they don’t actually let you in.)  I tell the man that I’m the new Auxiliar de Conversacion and I get brought to the principals office. No one knew I was coming apparently, even though I emailed them saying I would be there Thursday.

So I talk with the Assistant principal about why I was late ( I guess they didn’t read the email where I said I was in CHINA) and what I’ve been doing since arriving in Spain. (aka getting an apartment and finding my way to the school with no help from them) Then we go on to talk about my schedule because of course no one prepared one or has any ideas. I was told I would work 2 days in La Roda from 8:30am to 2:30pm. Come to find out I have to do something called Aulas Europeas which I was told is teaching the teachers and someone else said it’s teaching people who want to learn or practice English. I don’t know. Anyway so I have 6 hours at my school and 6 hours of these Aulas Europeas which are in the afternoons in La Roda on Tuesday and Wednesday we think. No one really knows for sure, not even the people in charge of them. Right now I’m going to my school on Tuesdays and Wednesdays to do two full days in La Roda and then have the other 5 days to get another job, or do whatever I want. The Aulas Europeas haven’t started yet, they start around November 19th. So literally all we figured out that day was that I’d be coming Tuesday and Wednesday. I did get to go to a music class and an English class. The music class was fine. The kids behaved and had gotten a test back in which they didn’t do so well. The English class was crazy! The kids spent the entire time screaming and yelling over each other. They didn’t listen to the teacher at all. That was my first day and my first encounter with the terrible Spanish high school students.

Later that night I went with two of the teachers to The Official School of Languages in Albacete. They are the ones in charge of the Aulas Europeas. There wasn’t anyone there and all that happened is that I needed to come back the next day around 11 to meet the English Department. When I went back the next day, they still didn’t know anything. So I was free to do whatever until Tuesday when I had to go to school.

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