16 Things You Realize When You Travel While You’re Young

There are so many things you learn about yourself and the world when you travel.

Thought Catalog

6690336051_884b5f7bbb_oTim Roth

1. How much harder you make things in your head. Getting on a plane and navigating your way through unknown streets of a foreign country, mentally converting currency, financing and not just surviving a trip, but actually experiencing something great, seems like the most daunting thing… until you do it. You gain this new, unprecedented sense of ability and freedom. You realize your big fears were unfounded and your little ones start to disappear too.

2. How bittersweet it is to return home. Your hometown is never as endearing as when you couldn’t go back for a few weeks or months, but sooner or later, your return is accompanied by well-meaning friends and relatives wondering what’s next, where you’re headed, and why you went in the first place if it doesn’t seem to them to be the most responsible decision. Those first few days of still living out of a suitcase…

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