Weekend away in Alicante

So last weekend after 2.5 years I finally made it back to the city that stole my heart! Alicante was my home for my junior year in college. (check out my blog)  I used blablacar again to go from Albacete to Alicante and it only cost me 7 euros! woohoo! I arrived at 4pm Friday only a block from my madre’s house and from the moment I stepped onto the sidewalk I felt like I was home. I was so excited to finally be back and to see my madre again. I made it to the complex my madre lives in and up to her casa. I was greeted with open arms and besos. That was one of the best hugs I’ve gotten in a long time. It was a while before she let me go. My madre and I formed a very special relationship when I lived with her. She is like my second mom and she treats me like her daughter. I couldn’t have lived in a better home. When I had to leave her back in June 2012, it broke my heart even though madre #1 was there it didn’t make leaving madre #2 any easier. Not long after I arrived, both my sisters came to have a cafe with my madre and were happily surprised by my presence. They are my family too and after being in Spain for a few weeks barely knowing anyone, it was just what I needed to be with my family. Luckily the American my madre has wasn’t there due to a CIEE trip to Seville. I spent Friday night talking and catching up with my madre and sisters. Then Saturday I went to the Mercadillo and went into the shops but I didn’t buy anything. Saturday night I met up with one of my Spanish friends Dani. We went to 100 Montaditos and had some mugs of tinto de verano (kinda like sangria) and walked down to the beach for a stroll. I walked home and hung out with my madre watching Spanish tv. We had pizza for dinner and I met the American living with my madre. She seems pretty cool. Sunday morning around 11am my madre taught me her secret recipe of arroz con carne or rice with beef. It is the best thing ever! Yumm so now I have a written recipe and pictures to help guide me in recreating the deliciousness. After a lazy afternoon of reading and chilling out with the madre, it was time for me to leave. 😦 But no worries, I’ll be back soon! 🙂



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