L’Aventure 冒险

So it’s time for a new adventure. I said in previous posts that I had some exciting news. Back in February when I returned to the U.S.A I found out about a Master’s program at Chongqing University for International Business. My friend, Jenny, and I applied and were accepted last month. We also received a very prestigious scholarship to attend this program. So……. that means I’m headed back to China!!!! Can you believe it? I know I know I never thought I’d go back, but I’m actually really excited to go to graduate school and learn again. I like being a student. Plus, I am going to have mad Chinese skills after two years. Oh yeah, did I forget to mention that it is a two year program? The good news is that a lot of my friends are still there and I can check off some more places on my bucket list! I leave on September 3rd and will be arriving on the 4th. I’m not too excited about the 15 hour flight but hey that’s what you get when you travel to the other side of the world. I’ll have a few more posts to come like what you should bring with you when you move to China or visit and places I’m hoping to get to while I’m there.

Ta Ta for now! 回头见


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