Starting the move to China

And it begins again, so here we go. 

  1. I only had 3 full open pages in my passport so I had to send my passport out to add pages. Pretty cool right? Yeah I thought so too and then $150 later I’m like aww man!
  2. I sent my passport out again to get my Chinese visa via Visarite. Another $280 later (it’s starting to really add up)
  3. I bought my one way ticket to Chongqing. I refuse to fly out of Syracuse because I always get stuck on small planes and I’m not talking like 3 seats on each side or even 2, it’s the one on each side, no flight attendant, and I can see right through to the cockpit. So I’ll be flying out of Toronto this time and I only have one stop in Shanghai! I’m leaving Septmeber 3rd!
  4. Up next the dreaded packing… I actually did good on clothes this time which is really surprising. However, the toiletries and other stuff is a problem. It really stresses me out. I do have a backpack this time that I will be using as my carry-on. And I am bring two checked bags, they’re free and seriously who can pack in just one suitcase for a year or two? Yeah really not me.
  5. Must brings: A) coffee- I don’t want to pay like $12 a bag for just regular ok coffee, but I will. I need startup/special coffee. China does have awesome tea FYI  B) feminine products- they don’t have them in China so bring them or be screwed. C) any lotion- all Chinese want to be whiter because white is beauty in their culture so all lotions have a whitening agent in it, so if you don’t want to look sickly then bring your own. D) Medicine is huge! You can get stuff there but it’s hard to find and confusing and just bring stuff and make life easy.  They like herbal which is great but sometimes you just might need some NyQuil. E) Pants/Shorts- unless you’re a size 0-2 then finding bottoms will be hard. Chinese woman are like stick people. F) random spices because paying $8 for taco seasoning should be illegal! G) Towels- they’re smaller and not as good quality. That’s all I can think of right now but Wal-Mart should fulfill you’re needs beyond these essentials. Or Metro, Carrefeur, or Ole. 

That’s all for now folks. I’ll post my packing list when I’ve actually finished packing which could be never haha so until then


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