Back in Chongqing

I can’t believe I’m back in Chongqing! When I left Chongqing a year ago, I never thought I would come back, let alone move back here. But I did. I’m going to graduate school for International Business with a  full scholarship that covers my tuition and living expenses which is almost unheard of in the States.  The Sunday before I left, August 30th, my best friend Tyler drove 3 hours to meet for a nice sushi lunch! She is the best friend ever! Who else would do that because they wanted to see you before you left for China?!? Yeah that’s right not many people!

 I left my house at 1pm Wednesday September 2nd with my mom and my aunt. We drove to Toronto so that I could fly out of a bigger airport and avoid those small planes. We went out for a nice last dinner at an amazing Italian Restaurant. The next day it was off to the airport and time for me to start my adventure. My flight left at 1pm on Thursday September 3rd. Everyone knows by now that my mom and I are super close, so saying goodbye was really hard for me. It always is.

I arrived on Friday September 4th in Shanghai at 3pm which is so weird because I left the day before. The flight wasn’t that bad for me though. I was worried about being a plane for 15 hours but between eating and sleeping and watching a movie the time went by really fast. I go to Chongqing at about 8:30pm. I was lucky enough to have one of my Chinese friends pick me up from the airport and bring me to my University. Once we on the campus, no one seemed to know where my dorm was. We drove around for over an hour trying to find this place. As it turns out, my building it at the top of a mountain right outside the back gate to campus. We finally found it and I checked in. We brought my stuff up 2 flights of stairs because there is no elevator here and by this time it was almost 11pm. So after I signed some papers and was all set my friend left so I could sleep after a long journey.

The room isn’t that bad. I will do another post with pictures. It has the usual two beds, a bathroom, and very little storage. The best part about where we live is that we are close to where we will have classes and we live on top of a mountain. (pictures for that to come as well) So it’s like free exercise every day. And as I said there’s no elevator so stairs have become our best friends haha

We started our Chinese Class yesterday, but our other classes don’t really start until after Mid Autumn Festival which is from October 1st to 7th. So until then we have random visa paperwork and orientation sessions to go to. I am going to go sign up for the gym that so I have something to do and so I can get in shape for all these stairs and mountains and walking I do here. Yesterday I walked over 5.2 miles just going to the Wal-mart, getting lunch and walking around campus.

That is all I have for now.  I’m sorry for not writing sooner, I got a little busy and I had to get a VPN so I could access the internet, oh and I actually had to get internet set up. So stay turned for more 🙂


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