Thanksgiving was a few weeks ago. We started planning a few weeks before. Derrick and Eric were hosting and anyone was invited to come. I had my marketing class which is terrible, I swear I don’t know wheree they find these people. This lady can’t speak English well and she is alwayssssss talking about how rich she is. ANYWAY, I woke up early, went to the store and bought carrots, celery, hard dried French bread, whipped cream, and dried cranberries as well as storage containers to bring the food in. I got home and cooked my cranberry sauce, stuffing and and made pumpkin pudding. Then I got ready and went to class.

After class Jenny, and two Frenchies: Tom and Ben (my favorites! They wanted to experience an American Thanksgiving!) and myself took a taxi to Derricks house where Thanksgiving was being held. Tom and Ben made crepes with a caramel sauce that were to die for!  Jenny made deviled eggs, and a big salad with ranch dressing. We got there and there was a ton of food.  A lot of people got stuck in rush hour  traffic including us, but whatcha gonna do. There was mac and cheese, greens, pigs in a blanket, two Chinese roasted ducks, Chinese spicy veggie stir fried noodles, cranberry sauce, salad, deviled eggs, pumpkin and apple pie, chimichangas, mashed potatoes, fruit salad, crepes, hot wine. sangria, and more!

We played some card games and catch phrase and just had a good time. There was a few Chinese people, a bunch of Americans, two Frenchies and a few other Europeans. Overall there were about 20 people that showed up.  It was a good Thanksgiving! It was wayyy better than last year because I was with so many of my really good friends, there was so much good food and good times. So it was a good Thanksgiving 🙂

P.S. Once I can upload pictures there will be picture posts to accompany these posts 🙂


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