Churches in Chongqing

I have been doing a lot of research trying to find out the time of mass at St. Josephs Church in Jiefangbei but it has been extremely difficult to find any information other than it’s physical location. (St. Joseph’s Church) I went to St. Jospeh’s last year a few times and I went for Easter mass which was really nice. They gave us a boiled egg at communion. I just looked back at my blog for China and I didn’t write anything about…weirdd.  Well the problem is that mass is only at 8am on Sunday’s and it is over an hour away from where I live.  I even went to the church last week for the holy day of the Immaculate Conception because I thought there would be mass, but indeed when I got there I found out there was no mass that evening. There were some people praying the rosary and I tried to wait for them to finish so that I could try to ask about mass for Christmas but they did not finish and I wasn’t feeling all that well that day. (I was recovering from a cold) But I did successfully ask the guard in Chinese what time mass was on Sunday and it is at 8am, which
I already knew.

So today I decided to do a little research on the internet to find out mass times because I really want to go for Christmas which is in 9 dayssss! So I found out a few interesting things. There are actually two other churches I never knew about, but they are pretty far away. I know there’s another one in Jiefangbei because I’ve been there but I have no idea how to get there. That should tell you something because I am really good with directions. I went there last year when St. Joseph’s was under construction, but we had a Chinese girl take us down alleyways and twisting and turning into the middle of nowhere in the city center. So the first one isn’t that much farther away from me than St. Joseph’s. It is called St. Teresa’s Church (St. Teresa’s) and it looks very nice. It also isn’t crammed into the city so it looks more like a church from home surrounded by green instead of alleyways and cement.

Then I came across Ci Mu Church (Ci Mu) because when the Prime Minister from France visited Chongqing last month he visited some places with French influence or were created by French people and all three of these churches on are there. Google Maps says that Ci Mu is a Buddhist Temple but that in fact is not true. It looks pretty cool too but Ci Mu is like 2 hours away from my house soo I want to go visit it but it won’t be for mass.

I think I just found the church in Shapingba!! I saw a few posts about it (Shapingba church and SPB Church) and I have been trying to find it for like an hour. The mass is at 7:30 am on Sunday’s and it isn’t terribly far away. Maybe 30 mins by bus or a 11rmb cab ride for about 13 mins. I translated the instagram Korean and Chinese writing and it said the back door of Shapingba park. So I went on the Chinese maps on my phone and Baidu and I found it!!! (Church by the Park and Google maps version)

So if you are looking to go to Catholic Mass these are the churches I have found. If anyone knows of any others or the actual times, let me know! Hope this helps anyone looking to go to church.

Other Links: French Prime Minister VisitChina Catholic

P.S. I’m still uploading pictures… very slowly :/


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