Rainna’s Wedding

Sunday November 22nd, 2015:

I was invited to one of my students (from last year in Chongqing) wedding almost a month ago. I got a message on Wechat about a week before and I was very excited. One because Rainna is such a nice person and I knew I would see Catherine, another student, and two of my coworkers Grace and Jin. I asked about what I should wear and how much I should give in the red envelope. I was told I wasn’t to dress up too much because I couldn’t upstage the bride and that about 200-300 rmb was the normal amount to give for our relationship. You see everything in China is about the relationship you have with the other person. So I went out and bought a dress at Forever 21 because I didn’t have one for a wedding or a more formal occasion. I just got a simple cream colored dress that looked kinda lacy.

Catherine and I met and took a bus to the reception hall that doubled as the ceremony space. We got there really early and of course we had to walk and I wore a pair of Jenny’s shoes that were dressy but were a little big. I ended up getting a pretty big blister from them but whatcha gonna do.

Catherine and I found ourselves a table close to the ceremony space and waited for the others. We got to see Rainna before the wedding for pictures and she was stunning, such a beautiful bride! I saw Moody, another one of my students who was the Maid of Honor. Then Grace and her son came, he was sooo cute! And then Jin and her new husband came so that was cool. The ceremony took place and it was really pretty, I didn’t understand because it was in Chinese but still it was nice. It was very quick which is sad because it was done and over with in about 10 mins. Then the food started coming out and it was all pretty weird. I didn’t eat much besides the duck which was amazing!

So overall it was a good time! I’m really glad I got to be apart of it and share her special day! For her honeymoon she went to the Maldives!

And for you’re viewing pleasure I finally got pictures to upload!!!


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