Christmas and New Years

3 months later and I finally write a new post! Here we go:

Since the last time I wrote, it was the holidays… Christmas and New Year’s. Christmas was actually really good. I was expecting it to be eh or so so because I couldn’t go home for the holidays. Christmas Eve I went to mass at 3pm at St. Joseph’s Cathedral in Jiefangbei. It was ok, its hard when you don’t really understand anything. Then I went home to start cooking for the potluck dinner at Tom’s (my favorite frenchie) I made a meat pie and chicken wing dip, Jenny made salad and delived eggs, Tom made apple pie and crepes, and Chiara made lasagna. It was all amazing and we drank a bunch of wine. It turned out to be a really good Christmas Eve. On Christmas day I went to Baker Street with some friends for dinner. It was pretty good but a little expensive.


New Year’s was also good. Jenny and I decided to have a New Years Eve house party. It was really fun actually! There were something like 25 people in our apartment and we even did a big count down at midnight! Then we all left and went to a bar. New Year’s day was just lounging around hanging out.


There you have it, Christmas and New Years turned out really good even though I couldn’t be with my friends and family back home.

I’ll post again soon, I promise! There’s so much to catch up on 🙂


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