Oops…. My Summer till Now

Sometimes I wonder where the time goes and other times time can’t go by fast enough. It’s been 7 months since my last post.  I feel like it was forever ago. So much has happened that I haven’t written about. (better late than never)

I will have the following posts up this week or next:

My week and half home in January

Thailand with my mom

Second Semester

Ireland with my mom

Right now, I’m back in Chongqing starting my second year of graduate school. I’m trying to figure out what to write my 70 page thesis on. I want to combine my Bachelors in International Studies with my Master’s International Business. So far my advisor and I have talked about many things, some of which are completely irrelevant, but the going topic right now is about how Politics affect Business in China. We’ll see where that takes us.  I’m also trying to take Chinese classes, which is turning out to be harder than it should be.. typical Chinese way. Today I’m going to meet the new MIB class at our welcome get together and tomorrow night I’m going to a Chinese Business workshop.

Last semester I also got really into intense spinning, which isn’t like normal spinning in the states because I tried that when I went home. Here at my gym spinning class is a 45 min class where you are running on the bike the whole time and sometimes it’s slower and sometimes it’s faster. You also do pushup and get in a nice ab workout while running on the bike. It’s crazy but I love it. It’s the best workout I’ve ever gotten.

I did go home for the summer. I was home for 3 months and that time flew by faster than I thought possible. I went home sick and was pretty sick for over a week. The pollution here in Chongqing kills my lungs. Even now, I’ve only been back 12 days and I am already sick. When I was home I worked helping my mom as an assistant and I also helped out doing stuff around the house. I put up our pool that we barely used this summer and my mom found a dead squirrel in last week, eww never going in that again. She’s also making a garden in the back of our yard so I helped some with that and getting rid of stuff from the house that we didn’t want or need anymore and donating it. We didn’t do much this summer actually :/ We did one weekend at the beach in Rhode Island, which was great because we love it there. We went to a charity event at my mom’s boss’ house where the actors and directors from the Lennon Project were there and I got to meet the Hunger Games actress Stef Dawson ( Annie who married Finnick) which was cool and some other actresses like from Law and Order. For 4th of July I went up north to spend time with my bff Tyler and her boyfriend Ryan. I went to visit Gunjan my best friend from last semester. She was only here for one semester and she’s from Toronto but she’s really cool. So I went to Toronto to visit her. We had a good time just hanging out and we even met up with Will, another Canadian that we both met in Chongqing. I also went to visit my best friend Tyler in Connecticut for a weekend. That was fun! I always love going to visit her because 1 she has the cutest dog ever named Oakley and he loves me and 2 because we don’t get to see each other enough. My mom and I did go to 3 concerts this summer! We went to see the Band Perry who are AMAZING, we saw Randy Houser and Dierks Bentley, and of course to end the summer we saw FLORIDA GEORGIA LINE for my mom’s birthday! They’re amazing and we got the VIP experience so we got to go to a private acoustic concert before the actual concert. And at the concert they did the backstreet boys!! FGL is backstreet’s back.

So that was my summer and what’s been going on since I got back. I promise I’m going to write more from now on. I write this blog for myself to remember all my experiences but also for my friends and family so they can share the experiences with me. Last year I got caught up in school and the gym and going out. I was seeing someone too but it didn’t work out. So this year I want to make more of an effort and write more.

More posts to come


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