I was home for a week and a half…. it was hell getting there

So way back when in January I went home for a week and half and then traveled Thailand for two weeks with my mom. I went home because I had pneumonia and my mom wanted me to see a real doctor and get real medicine. Sometimes they do give you regular medicine but sometimes they prescribe you tea or some liquid you don’t know what it is but when you translate it says its a powerful liquid made from some flower or something that you have no idea what it is. Anyway, so I went home and got medicine and got better.

Getting home was a nightmare. You know I really should write a book about travel nightmares because I’ve had a lot of them. So I went to the airport the day of my flight and they wanted me to present the card I bought the ticket with, which I didn’t have because my mom bought it for me so she had the card. I had a picture of the card and could even get my mom on the phone but I was not allowed to get on the plane. I had bought the round trip ticket from Chongqing to Bangkok separately from the rest of the ticket. It was done as 2 round trip tickets. I ended up forfeiting the whole ticket. So I tried for 3 hours to buy a ticket to Thailand or South Korea because those were my layovers. You can’t buy a ticket at the airport and you can’t buy the day of unless you have a Chinese credit card. smh. I tried every which way to get this fixed but I couldn’t buy online because it was too soon. I went to the domestic terminal to see if I could buy a ticket but again it was day of so I had to call. So I call and I can’t buy because I don’t have a Chinese credit card. I have a Chinese debit card and other credit cards but nope can’t do it. So I missed my flights and my travel agent who is a miracle worker, got me on flights the next day and it only cost $187. And I got to Thailand and back for $300. I have no idea how she did it but hallelujah.  So I go back the next day and everything worked out fine. I had a 56 hour trip home. I stayed a airport hotel for 7 hours to get some sleep and then on to all my other layovers. When I finally got to NY I was a walking zombie, I even slept on the floor of the airport. ( I mean I sleep on a box spring with a mattress pad so honestly you get used to it.)  Soo yeah that was not fun but I made it home and I got better. I did the usual things when I was home. I slept on my super comfy bed and took a million pictures of my kitty. I saw my best friend and ate foooood!

Then my mom was invited to an awards ceremony and this year it was held at Yankee Stadium which was really cool. We got to get all dressed up and be in Yankee Stadium for the event. On the drive down our travel agent called and told us our flight to Thailand had been cancelled because of the impending snow storm. She got us on a flight the day after, Sunday, and all was fine. We went to event and it was really fun but it was very cold outside. We wake up the next day and its snowing and theres actually a lot of it. But for people from upstate NY it wasn’t enough to shut down the ENTIRE CITY! Seriously, they shut it all down. The roads in all the boroughs. The 3 airports. People were told to stay inside. So Saturday we did and of course come that night our flight was cancelled yet again. So we couldn’t get on a flight until Tuesday because of all this.  So we decided to just get a ride home with one of my moms coworkers and leave from Syracuse away from the storm. We did end up leaving that Tuesday but it messed up our whole trip. We didn’t get to go to Chiang Mai because of it 😦 I really wanted to go there to pet a baby tiger but it wasn’t in the cards.

So this trip was riddled with bad luck and in my post about the Thailand trip you’ll see the bad luck continues.


Pictures below 🙂

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