Something new

Alright guys, I have some important news… I’ve actually been cooking like a lot this week. I mean I’ve cooked before here in Chongqing but never like this.  I’ve made some stir fries or some salad or even french toast but I decided I didn’t just want to eat Chinese food all the time soooo I decided to try to cook things I would make in America but here in China with ingredients I can get. So far this week I have made stuffed peppers using ground pork instead of ground beef, zucchini noodles with some red bell pepper and garlic and parmesan cheese, lemon garlic chicken and cauliflower mash, chocolate zucchini bread AND homemade pico de gallo that is yummalicious!!!!

I’m so excited to be cooking and eating foods that so are tasty and healthy. The problem here is that you can get a lot of foreign goods but it depends on how much you want to spend and of course the foreign stuff is more expensive. So I’m trying to use what I see at Wal-Mart like every day (yes don’t judge me I go almost every day because who wants to carry a ton of groceries down the street and up the stairs over the bridge and then back down the street to my apt that is across the street but you can’t just cross the street anywhere) So with that in mind I’ve been trying to think of things to make. So far that is all I have. But I’m going to try to keep the momentum going. The next few months are going to be crazy because I’m studying Chinese every day at the University andddd I have to write my thesis and so far I haven’t picked a topic yet. Soooo there might be a lot of take out but I’m going to try to keep cooking.


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