Texas Wedding

I went to my oldest friends wedding. Jimmy and I have been friends since the 8th grade when he dated my best friend at the time. And he actually lived like 2 miles down the road from me so we went on late night Walmart runs, driving all over the county trying to find Mcflurry’s at McDonald’s after midnight, SUSHI all the time, like we could eat 7 rolls just the two of us, going to see the movies, and running the boilermaker. Jimmy and I have gone in separate directions since then, since I travel the globe and he flies F16s for the Air Force. But we’ve stayed friends over the years and Jimmy has always been a good friend. When we were younger and best friends Jimmy was like family and he still is to this day. I’m so happy he found a keeper and that they are so happy together. It was written all over their faces. I got a shout out at the reception for being the person who travelled the furthest even Jimmy. He’s in S Korea and I’ve got him beat by like thousands of miles I think… yup I just looked it up 1,295 miles further for me. I had a 15.5 hour flight and then a 2.5 hour flight while he had a 13 hr flight lucky bastard.

Texas was amazing! I loved it there actually. I would move there. I’m glad I was able to go and that I not only saw him get married and I met some great people but I bought real Texas Cowboy Boots! (2 pairs) And I went to my first ever NFL game to see my team the Dallas Cowboys vs the Chicago Bears and the Cowboys won!!! It was only 5 days in Texas but it was worth the long flights and exhaustion. I got to see my mom which is always great and it was a nice break from China even though I’d only been here a month.

I’ll be home soon! They don’t celebrate Christmas or New Year’s here but Chinese New Year. So in January I’ll be home for a month! Woohoo!

More posts to come… Life has been getting in the way with work and school while trying to write my Master’s thesis.


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