Hello, Hola, 你好 (nihao), Bonjour…

I’m multilingual!

Let’s see what I can post in all these languages. Obviously I post in English so thats A-ok, I should and totally can post in Spanish and it would be good for me to practice, my Chinese is getting better and that would be cool to post in Chinese, and my French is ehhh I try but Duolingo only goes so far but I have a ton of frenchie friends!

Sooo what’s happened since Thanksgiving? Hmm. Well I still had Chinese class, still had my job, and was still working on my thesis and teaching English. So that was a lot I have to admit. Too much really. I quit my English jobs. I won’t be taking Chinese class anymore. So that leaves me working on my thesis which is due at the end of April sometime. I still have my job and that’s about all I’m gonna do. I need to graduate so that’s the most important thing right now.

I did have a big surprise for Christmas. I asked my work for the time off and magically they agreed! Soooo I bought my own ticket home for Christmas for like 7 weeks! Crazy I know! The best part is my mom didn’t know A THING!!! She thought I was coming home the 9th of January. That was a hard surprise to keep! I worked it all out: bought my ticket, told our awesome travel agent to keep the secret, packed and got all the Christmas presents, and even came up with a story as to why I wouldn’t talk to my mom for like a day haha and arranged for a family friend to pick me up from the airport and had them invite my mom to dinner to get “Chinese food” It was perfect! The day went off without a hitch thankfully! You all know that usually something happens but this time I had nothing woohoo! And my mom was so surprised and happy! She cried! It was the best surprise ever! Money can’t buy that kind of feeling. Being home for Christmas is something a lot of people take for granted but until you can’t actually be home for Christmas because of whatever reason like living in a communist country that doesn’t celebrate the holiday you don’t realize how special it is.

I have the best friends in China though. Chiara, Flo and Max planned out a surprise Christmas dinner for me and it was a amazing! There was Foie Gras (duck liver) and it was actually really good! We put it on bread with sea salt! And then we had a pasta bake with eggplant and other vegetables with sauce and homemade bread! YUMMALICIOUS! We had a good meal, drank wine, and talked for hours. It was a perfect Christmas. (Even if it was December 17th!!) And not only that Flo helped me clean my whole apartment before I left so it was clean and agreed to check on it for me!

So I’ve been home for 6 weeks now I can’t believe it! I leave next Thursday to go back to Chongqing and back to reality. It was a nice break though to be home and to get to eat all the foods I can’t eat in China and to see my friends and family. I even drove down to Virginia which is 9 hours away to see someone! And this weekend I’ll be driving 4 hours to Connecticut to see my best friend!! This Friday is also the awards dinner! Last year was at Yankee Stadium and this year it’s in Terrytown. Not as cool I know but it has to be really expensive to rent out Yankee Stadium. So after the dinner, I’l be going to hang out with my best friend for the weekend. Then back home and getting ready to leave!

I’ll try to post using my multilingual skills and keep you updated.


Surprising my mom Video:

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