It’s been ages…

I can’t believe that it has been over a year and a half since my last post. I swear the last year and a half has gone by so quickly I don’t even know where it went. It seems like last week I was writing my dissertation and living in China.

Well I finished my dissertation, finally, in May of 2017. It was reviewed, approved (with great difficulty- that could be a post by itself) and presented. Read the preview below!

Coffee Market in China: Investing in Chinese Coffee 

This paper consists of eight chapters that look at previous research, the background of coffee, the coffee market in China and Nestlé to get a better understanding of the market. This study also looks at the perception of Chinese coffee to see if this coffee will be well received. An independent study was done that shows whether or not people will buy or drink coffee produced in China, what price it should be, where the quality is ranked compared to other coffee producing countries, and what they taste the participants thought Chinese coffee would have. Nestlé is already very successful in China, but there is significant room for growth in the brewed products. Nestlé should focus more on this market since the middle class is expected to grow drastically and this market has the most potential. Overall, improving the quality of the coffee beans from Yunnan is suggested if Nestlé wants to use the coffee beans from Yunnan in their brewed products since quality is valued more than the price. Read it here!

I was approved for graduation and given my official Master of International Business diploma. The graduation was at the end of June, which was a month after we were done with everything. I didn’t stay for graduation because I wanted to go home and start looking for a job.

After moving back to NY, I continued my search for a job. I had actually started looking in April of 2017 because I knew that it could take a while before I found something. I had applied to numerous jobs and only gotten a few responses. I wasn’t back from China yet, so that wasn’t helpful for the people who actually responded. They all wanted someone in the next month.

I was lucky, because one of those responses emailed me again in July asking if I was still interested in the position. I was! This was a perfect job for me! So I responded and got a phone interview with my now boss. After the phone interview, I went for an in person interview where I interviewed with my boss, people I would be working with, and the COO of my division.I won’t name my company, but I was impressed that so many people I met or found online had been with the company for so long. Most people have been with the company for 10, 15, 20, even 40 years!

I didn’t hear back for almost two weeks, so I called the HR recruiter and said, I’m not trying to be pushy, but I have another offer (which I did) and if you are going to offer me the position, I would like to take it, if not I completely understand I will take the other position. So he said he would get back to me and the next day I had an offer for a job at my company.

I work for the International Division doing International Marketing and Product Development. I really like my job because I do so many different things from website development, social media, graphic design, project management, etc. and I work with people from all over the world. I’ve even gotten to visit a few places since I started working at the company! I will do a blog post on each place I visited, but exciting is that there are two new countries to add to my list.


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