Thailand with my mom

So as you heard we got stuck in a snow storm in NYC and missed Chiang Mai, so we had to buy new flights down to Krabi. We got to Krabi and hour and a half after leaving Bangkok. It was warm and sunny and even though we couldn’t see the beach you could feel it in the air. We didn’t stay in Krabi town but in Ao Nang which was beautiful and was not crowded! It was were the resorts are and it had the best view of the bay let me tell you. So we spent most of our time there and ended up in Phi Phi for a few nights at a super nice resort where I had an allergic reaction to being bitten by God knows how many mosquitos and had to be given a shot of antihistamine. That was fun.. NOT! After that we went to Bangkok for a few days and the roof top sunset did not disappoint.

Overall Thailand was beautiful and I loved the beaches and sunsets!

So I know you don’t really want to read all about my vacation but see it so there’s snorkeling, long boat rides, riding an elephant, swimming with bioluminescent plankton, sunsets, roof top bar, beaches and more so here they are! And these are just some of the million and one pictures I took.


Cabo San Lucas

The Cabo Adventure: March 5-9th

The Aflac crew has been rounded up in Rochester, NY. So we get up at the crack of dawn, no wait hours before the sun even thinks about coming up and go to the airport. We catch our flight to Detroit and funnily enough the plane we had just gotten off, was the plane taking us to Cabo. What a kawinkydink! There was NO FOOD on this 5 hour plane ride and we were all starving, so of course when we land the first thing my moms boss does is buy 2 giant bottles of premium Tequilla! Yupp thats right folks! We get on our bus and the drinking begins. The whole bus did a shot or two before most of us wimped out because we were so starving!

After a 30 min bus ride we arrived at the hotel. IT IS AWESOME! Everything is open and you can see right out onto the sea. It’s warm and sunny and they serve you a welcome drink when you walk in the door that pretty damn good. So what do you first? Well you find your room and then you head over the lunch buffet because you’re about to chew your own food off. It was pretty good. There was a lot of salsa and tortilla chips, because we’re in Mexico what else would they serve? I had a lovely shredded beef taco with pico de gallo. There was everything from burgers to pizza, to salad to fruit, to pasta and ice cream. Thankfully we have an all inclusive wrist band that gets us anything and everything we want at no cost.

Ok now to the fun stuff. The second day we went snorkeling and into town! It was pretty cool! I saw fish that had spots that lit up like blinking Christmas lights! We even got our pictures taken under water. (see gallery post) Afterwords we went into town and went shopping of course! We bought a few souvenirs and I of course bought my postcards. I have quite the collection now 🙂

Later that evening, my moms boss took us to dinner at a place called the Sunset da Mona Lisa (for pics) IT WAS AMAZING IN EVERY WAY POSSIBLE! Just look at the view, I mean come on people! It’s the fourth best place in the world to watch the sun set and have dinner. We started out with a Champagne toast watching the sun set. Then we went to a table for dinner. The food was A-mazing. I think that was one of the best meals I’ve had. The wine, the fresh ingredients, the service, the view, the flavors, oh my gosh. Just thinking about makes my mouth water. It was a large bill with 16 people there, but the boss man paid for it all as a thank you to everyone there. It really was perfect. So if you want a nice romantic and gorgeous location to propose or have a wedding, I highly recommend this place. There was a couple there that night that actually got engaged on there own little private viewing area.

The next day we went swimming with dolphins! Yupp that’s right you heard me. It was only 100$ for my mom and I! Like what?!?! We even got to ride a camel and have our pictures taken with a camel whose name was cry baby haha and we fed her a carrot with our mouths! We put our life jackets on and got into the ice cold water with the dolphins. We got to pet them and kiss them! Then we got to swim with them all while having a photo shoot! (these pics were awesome) This was the best day! After we got back to the hotel we laid out by the pool! We went to dinner at the Mexican restaurant. It was pretty good! They have us a margarita to sip on while we waited.

The last full day we got up early to watch the sunrise. It was incredible. Then went to mass in town which was a lot different than we were used to. It was in Spanish which was fine for me since I speak Spanish. Afterwords, the whole group went into town to the docks where we went whale watching. That was pretty cool. The whales were pretty close to the boat, unfortunately we didn’t get to see much of them, just their tails. They are HUGE!  That night for dinner we went to the steakhouse for a group dinner. It was ok.

The day we left was the most gorgeous and perfect day! It was sunny and warm and of course no one wanted to go home to snow. Seriously, couldn’t we just stay forever? I seriously thought about it. I would definitely recommend Cabo San Lucas. It was a perfect vacation spot.

Pictures are what you’ve really been waiting for right? I mean no one really wants to read about my experiences, you want to see it!

Over and out