Thailand with my mom

So as you heard we got stuck in a snow storm in NYC and missed Chiang Mai, so we had to buy new flights down to Krabi. We got to Krabi and hour and a half after leaving Bangkok. It was warm and sunny and even though we couldn’t see the beach you could feel it in the air. We didn’t stay in Krabi town but in Ao Nang which was beautiful and was not crowded! It was were the resorts are and it had the best view of the bay let me tell you. So we spent most of our time there and ended up in Phi Phi for a few nights at a super nice resort where I had an allergic reaction to being bitten by God knows how many mosquitos and had to be given a shot of antihistamine. That was fun.. NOT! After that we went to Bangkok for a few days and the roof top sunset did not disappoint.

Overall Thailand was beautiful and I loved the beaches and sunsets!

So I know you don’t really want to read all about my vacation but see it so there’s snorkeling, long boat rides, riding an elephant, swimming with bioluminescent plankton, sunsets, roof top bar, beaches and more so here they are! And these are just some of the million and one pictures I took.