Thailand with my mom

So as you heard we got stuck in a snow storm in NYC and missed Chiang Mai, so we had to buy new flights down to Krabi. We got to Krabi and hour and a half after leaving Bangkok. It was warm and sunny and even though we couldn’t see the beach you could feel it in the air. We didn’t stay in Krabi town but in Ao Nang which was beautiful and was not crowded! It was were the resorts are and it had the best view of the bay let me tell you. So we spent most of our time there and ended up in Phi Phi for a few nights at a super nice resort where I had an allergic reaction to being bitten by God knows how many mosquitos and had to be given a shot of antihistamine. That was fun.. NOT! After that we went to Bangkok for a few days and the roof top sunset did not disappoint.

Overall Thailand was beautiful and I loved the beaches and sunsets!

So I know you don’t really want to read all about my vacation but see it so there’s snorkeling, long boat rides, riding an elephant, swimming with bioluminescent plankton, sunsets, roof top bar, beaches and more so here they are! And these are just some of the million and one pictures I took.


December Update

I know I know you don’t even have to say it. I’ve become the worst blog writer ever. I have been trying for daysssssss to upload pictures to wordpress with zero luck. It actually keeps crashing my google chrome. So I don’t know what to do about that right now so in the meantime I’ll have to write out some posts and do picture posts later.

 I can tell you I am alive and well. I am recovering from a cold but I’m almost better. So for my winter break I have about 6 weeks of vacation from January 9th to February 23rd or so. On Friday my mom bought her ticket to Thailand for January 23rd to February 8th! Ahhhhh so excited!!! Last night I bought a one way ticket to Thailand for about $80 which is a DEAL! (because I’m never coming back haha just kiddding I have to finish school but maybe afterrrr) After I meet my mom and we travel Thailand I might be meeting Derrick in the Philippines for a week or so! Other than that though I have no plans.

I finished another 2 classes so far. The first one was International Business and that actually wasn’t that bad of a class. I learned a few things. I got a 91 in that class. The other class was Innovation and Entrepreneurship. I didn’t like that class that much. We worked on this one project for the whole class which was a total of 6 full days and 2 big presentations. We were working on: The Chinese Government, specifically Chongqing for us, is planning on moving people from the countryside and rural areas into the city and suburbs making megacities and expanding the cities outward. We working on how it affected the city and the people such as transportation, the environment, healthcare, education, etc. For my first group we researched the environment. We found out that Chongqing already had many things in place to help protect and fix the problems with the environment. We also did a trip to the countryside with some of our classmates. We couldn’t really get into the countryside because that takes hours and they don’t speak English and it was hard to find Chinese friends to go with us. The only thing that needs attention is the pollution. For the second presentation we had to come up with some ideas and solutions to help orient people from the rural countryside to the city. We came up with a orientation guide book and an adaptation program to help people adjust to city life. It wasn’t fun creating solutions for a hypothetical problem that actually wasn’t happening but there are people that do that for a living at IDEO and they make bank doing it.

Right now I only have my Chinese class on Wednesdays and Fridays from 4:30pm -6:20pm. It is a big class with like 75 people which is not a good language learning environment and the Chinese way of teaching leaves something to be desired. I have Economics Fridays at 8:30am to 11:40am and even thought my professor is Chinese, he speaks really good English in a Australian accent. Economics is not my thinggg and he doesn’t explain things well. Then I have Marketing on Thursdays from 2:30pm -4:50pm. This class… my professor again is Chinese and she does not speak good English AT ALL and she likes to invent new English words and say yes they are English words when we say that’s not a word. She also really likes to talk about much money she makes and spends… like all the time in every class. “I give my son studying in America (Rochester, NY oddly enough, what a small world) $150,000 a year, I give my sister in law 10,000 rmb/$1,553 to go travelling, I spent 10,000rmb on the 11/11 shopping day, my stocks made double my yearly salary today and I am very happy, I drive BMW because I like it, I need 2 million rmb/$310,578 to live which in China is a very rich person. I get 36,000rmb/$5,590 a year for my scholarship and I live just fine, I could make more and live better but you get the point. What makes Jenny made is she says she is a Christian and she has absolutely no humility.

Anyway, it’s not a bad schedule, in fact I have quite a bit of free time. I am not working on the weekends. I did a few days but I got busy with school and then I was supposed to do a trial class for the owner and then he was out of the country and it never happened. I did work another Saturday for a few hours and made some money. I need another job though. I need money for all this travelling during Spring Festival I’m going to do.

I did go out and buy a new winter coat because it is getting coldddd and I needed something heavy to keep my warm! I got a nice new Cheetah parka with sheep skin on the inside that can come out so that it isn’t as heavy too. And I just went out and bought Christmas decorations. I’m so excited!!!!! Two weeks until Christmas and I feel like the decorations get into the Christmas spirit. I already started listening to Christmas on Spotify and I’m loving N’Syncs, Pentatonix, Justin Beiber and Christina Aguliera albums. I know I know Justin Beiber really? But hey he can sing sometimes. This is actually going to be my first Christmas away from home, it’s weird and sad but I’m sure the group of friends I have here will do something just like we did for Thanksgiving. (that’s in the post to come)

Until next time,